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Learn more about the initiatives, plans and actions of cities and regions that are making them smarter.

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Use Cases are real-world implemented solutions that give valuable insights and serve as points of reference for their replication.

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Solutions are neutral, standardised and expert-curated blueprints with information that can be used for their successful implementation.

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Our platform comes with powerful tools developed to guide your city’s smart strategy that enable you to plan for real impact. These tools are only accessible for logged-in members of our platform, so be sure to sign up if you have not already!
Morgenstadt Tool

Fraunhofer and the Morgenstadt Network - of which BABLE is a spin-off - have developed a tool that can be used to draw a holistic picture of a city's future viability on the basis of 28 publicly accessible indicators - as an initial basis for in-depth local analyses.


UMAM allows cities to analyse their mobility performance and to subsequently develop a framework to scale up solutions. UMAM further investigates the potential for development of new mobility services within the city and what the most appropriate actions to improve sustainable mobility may be.

Tender Matcher Tool

The Tender Matcher provides you with direct access to what cities are procuring all across Europe, With the information we have on BABLE from your profile, we are matchmaking you with all relevant databases for public tenders across Europe, so we can present you every business day with newly uploaded tenders that match your interests.

What our partners are saying

Rikke Petersen

Head of Green Transition Team 

Copenhagen Capacity, Denmark 


If you work with BABLE, you literally bring collaboration to the next level. There is so much drive, belief, creativity, dedication and kindness in the team and all are working for the greater good creating healthier, more liveable and sustainable cities. A highlight in our collaboration so far has been to introduce the project Danish Month to our national and international networks and to record a podcast about Copenhagen as a Smart City.

Daniele Chiumento

International Business Development

Energia Europa S.p.A.

Zanè, Italy

The professionalism of the BABLE team was excellent from day one, thanks to their helpfulness. They followed us step by step in developing our company page, our innovative energy efficiency product page and the most viewed Use Case of the year 2021, concerning the City of Antwerp.

This synergy allowed us to broaden our horizons on the opportunities in the world of Smart Cities, but not only that, it also allowed us to be constantly informed about events, fairs, tenders and community members.

A great partner to discover and collaborate with!

Mauro Ramos de Jesus Pereira


BikeTrace AB

Ytterhogdal, Sweden

Working alongside BABLE Smart Cities has been a fantastic experience so far. I really like the fact that I can showcase our project and checkout what Smart Cities-related projects other companies are working on. But most importantly, their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm about development of Smart Cities has been a true source of inspiration for me personally and for BikeTrace as a company.

Patrick Kühn

Head of The Department of Mobility Planning

City of Bielefeld, Germany

The cooperation with BABLE was characterised by very good technical comprehensibility and rigorous workshop management. The jointly developed content was able to show a clear path for how the city of Bielefeld can approach Smart Lighting projects in the future. The support from BABLE was insightful and innovative, and the documentation was helpful for the further process.

Thomas Tuntschew

Officer in the Mayor's Office 

Potsdam, Germany

With BABLE, Potsdam has developed fields of action for an innovative, fair and sustainable city. Together we developed great ideas with a strong national model character. Working with BABLE has inspired us and advanced our smart city projects significantly.

The hard-working BABLE team supported us very efficiently and motivated everyone involved. BABLE brought international expertise and great moderation skills. Together we structured a participatory, results-oriented and successful process. We truly enjoyed working together!

Rav Babbra

Business Developer

London, UK

Through listing our services on BABLE, we found an important strategic partner that helped us scale and develop our technology further. We are looking forward to future collaboration and utilising the network, expertise and everything BABLE has to offer!

Oriol Barba Suñol

MedCities Director

BABLE gave an excellent overview about sustainable and smart urban mobility in the context of Mediterranean cities. The team members showed a rich knowledge from theory to practical and real-life implementations. We had the pleasure of having the BABLE training for our Medcities community and further mentoring services for 3 specific cities; namely, Monastir, Tataouine and Sfax.

Throughout our entire experience working with them, they were very professional and delivered an extremely high quality of work. For instance — their vast international Use Case database and knowledge, their attentive and regular follow-ups as well as their technical advice. A great partner to work with!

Philipp Lämmel

Research Assistant and Project Manager 

Fraunhofer FOKUS 

Berlin, Germany  

Making a city more efficient, sustainable, socially-just and technologically advanced are the core themes of the Smart City vision. It is of central importance that the Smart City is much more than the distribution of various technologies in the city. It is also about organizational aspects and changes in society as well as urban culture. For example, we investigated and developed recommendations together with BABLE for the Liverpool region.  The resulting positive changes make me look back on this project with pride and satisfaction, knowing that we have had a lasting impact on the city's development. With the BABLE team consistently delivering excellent work, I look forward to more exciting joint projects as we support cities on their journey to becoming smarter cities. 

Kristin Engholm

International Relations

Helsingborg Smart City H22

City of Helsingborg, Sweden

I got a positive experience from day one working with the team at BABLE. They are professional and very good at pushing forward in a steady and energizing way. Being part of workshops hosted by BABLE has also broadened my knowledge when it comes to the challenges and solutions important to us all when creating smarter and more sustainable cities.

Irene Huguet

Business Unit Manager

Academy TÜV SÜD

Bable is a European benchmark in Smart City that has complete knowledge in this matter. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them and they have an extraordinay collaborative approach, with a predisposition, initiative and good understanding that helps to achieve the success in the projects. BABLE is an excellent partner to collaborate with. 

Nina Lentzen

Product Marketing Manager

Swarm Analytics GmbH

Innsbruck, Austria

BABLE is now my go-to every-day tool to check for relevant tenders, share news and information on our products, and follow activities from cities with interesting Use Cases and needs.

Astrid Loschke

TÜV SÜD Akademie

Product Manager - Environmental Technology

City of Munich, Germany


Thanks to the cooperation with BABLE, we are one of the first organisations in Germany to be able to offer training on the topic of "Smart City", and our classically shaped training portfolio has been expanded to include new and sustainability related topics. BABLE has always been a committed, knowledgeable and trustworthy partner with a good network. They have had lots of motivation and patience and have always come with many good ideas for establishing our new "Smart City Officer" training.

Newton Davis

Partnerships Europe, MobilityData

The BABLE team has been super helpful in connecting us with relevant stakeholders. When MobilityData hosted a training day in German, BABLE helped spread the word within their community. We're very grateful for the support that they team has shown us and look forward to deepening our relationship with them.

Karen Coughlan

EU Project Officer

Southern Regional Assembly


The Southern Regional Assembly, Ireland worked with BABLE to advise us on the development of a framework for a regional approach to Smart Specialisation Strategy. This work involved extensive consultation across a wide spectrum of stakeholders via structured interviews and workshops followed by an in-depth SWOT analysis of the outcomes. This was pioneering work for the Southern Region of Ireland and BABLE guided us through what was a very complex process with ease. The results have exceeded our expectations and we are already starting to see the benefits. The BABLE consultants were a constant source of knowledge and were hugely committed and motivated.

We look forward to working with BABLE on future projects. 

Professor Mark Boyle


Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place

University of Liverpool, England

The Heseltine Institute for Public Policy, Practice and Place at the University of Liverpool recognises and expresses gratitude for the excellent work and report written by the international experts of BABLE GmbH and Fraunhofer FOKUS in Germany. This outstanding review of international good practices in the development of urban data ecosystems structured and capstoned an international symposium entitled, ‘Building Smart Cities with Citizens and for the Public Good’, held in March 2021. This has proven invaluable in helping the Liverpool City Region accelerate its transition to a smart, data-driven economy. We thank especially the authors-  Alanus von Radecki, Nikolay Tcholtchev, Philipp Lämmel, and Gretel Schaj - for calling attention to the key issues which cities and city regions need to confront when embarking upon a comprehensive digital and data transformation and for navigating these issues especially effectively.

Nuriye ÜNLÜ

Deputy Director of the Institute

Software Technologies Research Institute (YTE)



Through a series of trainings, workshops and discussions, BABLE helped us to build new capacities which provided a quick start in development of our national Smart City strategy and maturity assessment model. The activities and guidance were characterised by a holistic and experienced perspective and covered a varied number of topics such as governance, finance, Smart City solutions, and data, among others.

Andreas Kraut

Head of Office / Digitisation Officer (CDO)

City of Ettlingen, Germany


BABLE supported us in our funding application for sustainable last-mile logistics in Ettlingen from the very beginning. Thanks to the agile and professional support during the project conception, the formation of the consortium and the acquisition of funding, the financing of our project could be secured. We are pleased that we will soon be able to enter the first test phase!

We want to accelerate the development of livable, future-proof and sustainable cities based on innovation and collaboration.

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