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How sustainable is your city ?
The morgenstadt index

What is important for a city that wants to make itself fit for the future? With the experience gained from the detailed study of numerous German and international metropolises, Fraunhofer and the Morgenstadt Network - of which BABLE is a spin-off- have developed a set of tools that can be used to draw a holistic picture of a city's future viability on the basis of 28 publicly accessible indicators - as an initial basis for in-depth local analyses.

The indicators cover the four "pillars" on which the city of tomorrow must be based: Innovation Capacity, Quality of Life, Environmental Justice, and Resilience. The indicators range from the amount of green and blue space in urban areas to the existence of climate adaptation plans, CO2 emissions and the share of highly qualified jobs in the urban labour market.

The project originally included 30 cities, but has been made available for other interested cities or municipalities.

Current overall ranking

1. Karlsruhe
2. München
3. Freiburg
4. Jena
5. Dresden

See the complete ranking with scoring from over 35 cities when you access the tool

Find out how you compare.

A tool made for cities
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No more costly surveying
The index provides a general, yet accurate, representation of urban performance derived from statistics and data already available and thus does not require costly surveys.

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Better plan your urban innovation
This benchmarking and clear comparison of quantitative data allows for better planning and more efficient execution throughout the process of implementing innovative urban solutions.

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Better plan your urban innovation
In addition to identifying strengths and weaknesses in relation to other cities, the index also presents a baseline for a city's strategy for improvement.

The city of the future

Based on key insights of the first two phases of the Morgenstadt Project, four pillars were defined as central to the future viability of a city. A sustainable urban development process must be geared towards improved quality of life, social integration, economic prosperity:

alt text
The Innovative city

The Innovative City embraces experimentation as a future lab, becoming an attractive location for research facilities and highly qualified workers. it is an incubator for social and technical innovations that develops solutions for urban challenges of today and tomorrow.

alt text

The Liveable city

The Liveable City offers its citizens jobs, a healthy distribution of wealth, long term security, attractive public spaces that invite interaction and a pleasant environmental atmosphere. these aspects are not only important because of their intrinsic value, but are also considered important "soft" location factors, attracting companies to liveable cities in their pursuit of retaining highly qualified workers.

alt text
The Green city

The Green City makes its contribution to phasing-out of the CO2-based economy, and strives for sustainable use of resources.

alt text

The Resilient city

The Resilient City is flexible, agile and well prepared for sudden or permanent changes in climatic, demographic or economic conditions.


The index was developed with Fraunhofer/Morgenstadt and encompasses a database of over 35 cities that serve as a comparison.

After going through the scoring process where you need to provide us with a variety of data on the performance of your city, the final result comes in three parts:

1. An overall weighted score
2. A score for each of the four pillars
3. The comparison of the 28 individual indicators
€ 990 one-time payment

Get a detailed score for your city, for each of the 4 pillars. Additionally, you will be able to compare your scores with the other cities features in the Morgenstadt index.

You will get lifetime unlimited access to the tool, with the feature of repeated scoring and comparison of your scoring over time added soon.


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The payment process will be completed after going through the steps of using the tool, before receiving the final result. After the payment is made, you will get access to your final results as well those of other cities.

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