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General information about our company and our smart city/region platform

What is BABLE?

BABLE is a neutral facilitator between the public and private sectors, driving the change for better urban life with smart technologies.

We provide high-quality information and services to support implementation of smart city solutions. On our free, open platform cities and companies share experiences and ideas while helping each other develop new ones.

Our company is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Research Society, Europe’s largest applied research institution, and stems from 8+ years of pilots testing of smart city solutions all over Europe.

What are the benefits of creating an account on BABLE?

Creating an account on BABLE is free and is the best way to get the most out of our platform. By creating an account, you will join our smart city community and be part of the smart city movement.

While some of our content is available for viewing without creating an account, users who are logged in have the advantage of:

  • Seeing the full set of information available (e.g. full details for use cases and solutions),
  • Accessing the tools in the BABLE platform Toolbox (e.g. Use Case Finder),
  • Posting to share information and assets with fellow community members,
  • Contacting partners for their next smart city projects
  • and more!


What is in the EXPLORE section?

The EXPLORE section provides a space for sharing best practices, solutions and products. It includes insightful content related to the most innovative smart city solutions, the experiences of our smart city community and the trending products in the market. Here you find:

  • Expert curated information needed to assimilate smart city solutions,
  • Use cases, i.e. examples that provide enlightening experiences from cities and companies that have implemented smart city solutions, and
  • Innovative products designed for cities, which can be integrated to tackle a variety of urban challenges.

What is in the SPOT section?

The SPOT section helps you to connect and stay updated with the needs and offers of the smart city community. By frequently visiting the SPOT section, you can:

  • Stay-up-to date with the most relevant EU public tenders for smart cities (specifically filtered by our algorithm for tenders),
  • Read about the needs and offers of the other community members on the posts page and
  • React to calls for collaboration opportunities.

What information can I find in the CONNECT section?

The CONNECT section includes pages for the cities, companies and projects on the BABLE platform. As a logged-in user, you can not only view these pages but also access tools for directly networking and connecting with the other members and experts on our platform.

What does the BABLE Toolbox offer?

The BABLE Toolbox is exclusively available to our logged-in users and can be accessed from the user dashboard. The BABLE Toolbox includes:

  • Resources to filter BABLE content to fit your specific needs (e.g. Use Case Finder, Solution Finder) and
  • Powerful tools developed in partnership with platform partners that tackle specific challenges in a particular sector of the smart cities market (e.g. the UMAM – Urban Mobility Assessment Model for cities, a tool developed in collaboration with University College London, EIT Urban Mobility and others).


Using the BABLE platform

How does the platform work?

The BABLE platform consists of three main sections: EXPLORE, SPOT and CONNECT. Each of the three sections has specific roles:

  • EXPLORE: Learn about smart city solutions and how to implement them.
  • SPOT: Interact and collaborate with the BABLE community.
  • CONNECT: Learn more about the cities, companies and projects participating on our platform, and connect with the members of our smart city community.

Additionally, as a logged-in user, you will have access to your own dashboard in the platform through which you can edit your personal/company/city profile, manage assets and access various powerful tools in our platform Toolbox.

How can I connect with another member on the BABLE platform?

As a logged-in user, there are several ways you can connect with fellow members on the BABLE platform. These include:

  • From a use case or post, clicking on any member’s name to view their BABLE profile and learn more about their background,
  • Connecting via social media links provided on BABLE member profiles and
  • Contacting a fellow member via the BABLE messenger.

We are continuing to develop new ways for members to find each other and connect – stay tuned in the future months as we release more of these features.

How do I share content (Use Case, Product, or Post) on the BABLE platform?

To share content on BABLE, follow these steps:

  • First, make sure you are logged in to the BABLE platform.
  • Then, from anywhere on the platform, hover over the upload button in the bottom right corner of your screen and select the type of new content you want to share.
  • From your user dashboard, you will be able to manage and edit all of your created content under the ‘Assets’ tab.

My company makes products for the cities. How can BABLE help me?

As a company representative catering to city needs, BABLE offers you ways to:

  • Stay tuned into public tenders and the needs of cities,
  • Get in touch with the right people working at municipalities,
  • Expand your market,
  • Join forces with other companies by creating consortiums to build the future cities
  • and much more!

For company representatives, signing up for an account on BABLE is free of cost.

In addition, your company has the option to promote your products and services to our smart city community members through paid options – learn more about promoting products and services on BABLE on the Rules for Listing page.

I work at a municipality. How can BABLE help me?

As a city representative, BABLE offers you ways to:

  • Receive support to tackle your urban challenges,
  • Get inspired by the smart city projects of other cities,
  • Localize global smart city solutions with the help of our expert community,
  • Access the BABLE Toolbox to assess different areas of your services,
  • Promote your local eco-system
  • and much more!

For city representatives, signing-up for and interacting on the BABLE platform is free of cost.


News and information from BABLE

How can I receive the BABLE newsletter?

All BABLE platform members are automatically subscribed to receive the BABLE newsletter, generally sent twice per month and featuring the latest updates and information on use cases, solutions, tenders and more information that is relevant to our smart city community.

If you have accidentally unsubscribed and would like to be re-added to the newsletter mailing list, please contact us at

What is the BABLE Use Case of the Month? How is it selected?

BABLE selects a Use Case of the Month from the collection of use cases on our platform to highlight and acknowledge best practices in smart city implementation. Each month we select a use case based on an objective review that considers completeness, the quality of the information provided, the level of innovation and the relevance for replication. All use cases shared on the platform are eligible for consideration and are thoroughly reviewed by BABLE’s smart city experts.

What if

Troubleshooting and related help

My product does not appear connected to any or the right solutions?

Products are linked to solutions by the BABLE team to ensure the quality of the information displayed. If you have problems with the appearance of solutions, please write an email to with the link to the product page and name of the solution(s) to which it should be linked.

My use case is not publicly visible yet?

Once a use case is submitted to the platform, the BABLE team checks it for quality. This might take up to one week. We try our best to make use cases available to the public as soon as possible, but if there are any issues please email us at with the name of the use case in question.

There is no solution listed on the platform that is applicable to my product/service?

The BABLE solutions are developed after an in-depth research on the topic and collaboration with many experts. We prioritize solutions based on the trends in the smart city market. If an applicable solution is not yet available, please write to us at If you have implemented the solution already, you could collaborate with us in developing the solution.

Our logo or background does not upload correctly on our company/city/project page?

All images on BABLE (including profile pictures, company/city logos and background photos) look the best in specific sizes, which are mentioned when you upload an image. Kindly check if the uploaded image is of the recommended size.

I lost my password. How can I reset it?

Visit the BABLE login page, click on ‘Forgot password’, enter you email address and a new temporary password will be sent to you. Once you login you will be prompted to change the password to a new one of your choosing.

I want to suggest a new feature for the platform or report a bug. How do I contact BABLE platform developers?

Reach out to us at We’ll take your suggestions into account and work to quickly resolve any issues preventing you from making full use of the platform.

I noticed something incorrect or information that is missing in these FAQs. How can I share this information with the BABLE team?

Send us an email to We always love to hear feedback from our platform users, and we are happy to assist with any unresolved questions.

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