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Virtual Power Plants

Company: Bosch Group

Creating a virtual power plant will make it easier to optimize grid stability and maximize energy trading earnings.


Optimizing grid stability and revenues from energy trade

The VPP bundles the flexibilities of distributed energy resources (e.g. wind farms, solar plants, energy storage units, electric vehicles). The forecasting of power production and demand as well as data analytics for grid monitoring are the basis for optimizing revenues from diverse energy trading options. They help to monitor and optimize grid stability by offering grid ancillary services.


  • Increases revenues from energy trading options
  • Reduces cost of grid operations and investments in grid infrastructure
  • Enables new business models for a digitalized energy market



Why use the Grid Optimization Manager?

Virtual power plants (VPPs) make it possible to intelligently control the distributed generation and consumption of power in smart grids.

Minimize expansion of the grid

Make use of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for your grid. First analyze the line voltage data, then move loads to where there is available grid capacity. Plan maintenance and optimize your grid costs.

Connect many distributed resources easily

Connect your distributed energy resources to pool their collective flexibility in a virtual power plant. Doing so is quick and straightforward in our next-generation VPP with the help of advanced metering infrastructures.

One platform for many use cases

Do you want to stabilize your distribution grid, optimize network quality and act as an active market participant? Our platform supports your business models in the smart grid.

Optimize assets flexible at any time

Distributed energy resource pools are optimized at short intervals, allowing you to adjust power generation and consumption to your business model – flexible. This is also the basis for controlling your assets.



How can you balance distributed power generation and power consumption?

Use our Virtual Power Plant to optimize your distribution grid.

The energy industry is changing. Consumers are becoming producers who feed the energy they produce locally into medium- and low-voltage grids. The corresponding metamorphosis of power distribution networks into smart grids calls for a flexible and intelligent software solution that can manage distributed assets.

The Grid Optimization Manager software platform combines distributed power assets and their collective flexibility to make virtual power plants.

In turn, you can use such a virtual power plant to optimize your low-voltage grid based on technical criteria.


What makes network control really smart?

When it supports various optimization strategies and the different applications of the distribution grid operator.

Control schedules are created for each asset based on forecasts regarding weather, power generation, consumption and metering data as well as the respective technical conditions.

The Grid Optimization Manager is the universal platform for the management of your distribution grid.

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