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Fleet Management

Company: Bosch Group

Comprehensive service portfolio gives fleet managers a constant, real-time overview of all vehicle data so they can optimize operational processes.


Greater productivity through connected fleet management

Bosch’s telematics services offer fleet operators detailed real-time information for intelligent fleet management. The services allow them to reduce total costs per vehicle, schedule inspections and repairs more effectively, and manage vehicle capacity utilization more conveniently.


  • Greater transparency regarding vehicle condition and workshop services
  • Improved scheduling of inspections and repairs leads to reduced downtimes and overall costs
  • Better analysis opportunities increase fleet productivity



Real-time Data, Responsive Solutions

Whatever the size of your operation, Bosch’s Connected Vehicle Fleet Management system uses up-to-the-minute data and digitalized solutions to optimize the safety, security, and energy capabilities of your fleet right when it counts.

Safe and Secure

We are innovators in safety-first solutions. Be it on the road reporting or in-sensor tracking and accident notifications, wellbeing on the road is our top priority.

Driver Behaviour

Smart behaviour tracking, mobile driver apps and digital logbooks are just some of the ways we’re helping to advance the people behind your fleet’s performance.

Vehicle Efficiency

Reap the benefits of real-time journey analysis, track vehicle consumption and geo-fence your vehicles for complete transparency in every moment.




Connected Moments

Real-time solutions for an optimized performance

Operational Efficiency

Knowing exactly when and why energy consumption dips or peaks can make all the difference when curbing costs and reducing carbon. Through a custom-built series of sensors and monitoring systems, it’s easy to receive minute-by-minute information on each vehicle, key insights into best routes, fuel, maintenance and even how each driver contributes to the overall performance of your enterprise.

Real-time Diagnostic Insights

Technology from Bosch is used in practically every vehicle in the world. Our focus is on getting individuals closer to the finer automotive details, where the use of real-time diagnostics and intelligent telematics help to guide smarter decisions around safety and efficiency. It’s a deep dive into knowledge, that brings greater peace of mind too.


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