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SYMBIOT Software Suite

Company: Iskraemeco

SYMBIOT is an adaptive, intelligent software platform that enables simple, highly secure and automated management of any business, based on real-time data processing.

Making Smart Utility Management A Reality

The future is here, giving us intelligent tools to make our everyday business and social lives convenient and sustainable without sacrificing safety and efficiency. Symbiot provides the utility industry with a state-of-the-art software suite that ensures efficient data management.

Symbiot is a future-proof and adaptable intelligent software suite that enables easy, highly secure and automated management of any utility business, based on real-time data processing. Symbiot makes it easy to build and manage smart utility environments in any sector, from simple smart home connections to complex utility grids.

As a powerful, customizable, and future-ready utility software platform, Symbiot brings measurable benefits through its SymbiotApps, proven by use cases:

  • Reducing losses and increasing flexibility
  • Optimizing energy management processes
  • Integrating renewable energy resources
  • Improving grid infrastructure
  • Automatizing data transfer
  • Detecting fraud on trafo and household level
  • Detecting grid unbalances on multiple levels

Today's Challenges

SYMBIOT Suite Designed For Solutions

  • Most utilities are more technology focused than customers.
  • Most utilities have high levels of UMR and losses (14% to 42%).
  • Every Utility Own over 12 Meters, minimum 3 Vendors.
  • Most HES tools are locked, does not allow integration.
  • Security is a costly topic.
  • Redundancy in operation within one Utility (Electricity, Water, Gas).

Symbiot makes it easy to build and manage smart utility environments in any domain, from simple smart home connections to complex utility grids.

  • Digital Grid
  • Energy IoT
  • Smart Water
  • Smart Prepayment
  • E-Mobility
  • Smart City

Get Personalized Solutions

Demand scalable, future-proof solutions and realize better throughput by letting our software developers closely monitor business processes and create custom software solutions that add tangible value to your business.


Optimize Time and Costs with Smart Ecosystems

We provide a software suite that fully covers business and industry-specific functions, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive customization. We provide applications that help your business deliver unique customer experiences to win the market.


Be Ready for the Future

Plan for future innovation and choose technology that maximizes opportunities to generate business value by leveraging a stable, fast, accessible and understandable future-proof software suite.


Continuous Support

We are responsible for consistent performance management, problem solving, enhancements, continuous optimization and change management to keep the Symbiot software suite robust, powerful and up-to-date.

Product Benefits

Smart Metering at a Glance - Supreme Platform for Intelligent Utility Systems

Configure your package and minimize costs

The modular design of SYMBIOT allows you to customize your system by using only the modules you really need, minimizing system costs. A flexible licensing model supports you with your requirements

A solution supporting your growth

The reliable and fully scalable platform provides you with a solution that not only meets your current needs, but also the requirements that may arise in the future due to system expansions, changes in legislation and/or operational requirements.

Optimize processes with a flexible approach

SYMBIOT is an extremely flexible solution that fully supports the optimization of your processes throughout the entire company with its service-based design.

Ideal integration that delivers savings

Using open standards and technologies ensures effortless integration with existing legacy systems and minimizes your custom development costs.

Take your customer support to the next level

The system instantly notifies you of any exceptional condition on the network, so you can dispatch maintenance personnel within seconds of a network issue. Consumer-focused solutions increase customer engagement in water, heat and energy-saving activities.

Provide end-to-end security using the most advanced methods available

Sophisticated authentication and encryption methods are essential for secure data transmission between thesmart meter and the Head-End System. End-to-end security is provided through the use of advanced, standards-based security methods.



Focused on multi-source data collection, meter-agnostic approach with the ability to process any competitive device (electricity, water, gas, heat).


Provides functionality to analyze data from multiple sources (multiple HES systems) and prepares it for other upper systems (ERP, billing, customer portal). Provides validation, aggregation, estimation and prediction at the point of consumption level.


Solution to simplify field work and give field workers a clear overview of the tasks they need to complete each day. Provides the ability to configure fieldwork and create work orders, enables drive-by and walk-by solutions for battery-powered meter data collection.

For Every Challenge There Is A Solution


Symbiot platform together with hardware for water, gas, electricity and heat, and integration with upper layers, provides unique solutions for specific segments of utility services. The Symbiot platform, based on expert knowledge and driven by a strong vision of the future, transforms any challenge into a success.


  • A generic platform for electricity, water, heat and gas
  • Seamless integration with third-party devices through a powerful SDK 
  • Optimizes resource utilization with automatic load balancing
  • Easy device group management with minimal effort for group handling (one definition applied to a group of devices for reading, reconfiguring, reporting, etc.)
  • Supports hardware, virtualized hardware, cloud deployment or Saas and Daas modes of operation.
  • ...and numerous others.

Symbiot - Future Intelligence for Today's Business

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