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ISKRASONIC® Bulk Ultrasonic Water Meter

Company: Iskraemeco

ISKRASONIC® water meter is a data provider for decision-making based on reliable information from water networks.



Iskraemeco’s Smart Water Solutions address the most important challenges of modern water utilities:

  • Digitization and improvement of water supply management system
  • Efficient measurement, precise calculation of water consumption and water balances
  • Detection of non-revenue water (NRW)
  • Utilities customers' awareness and service improvement

We have chosen a holistic approach to tackle these pain points of modern utilities. To ensure the sustainable technical and financial operation of water utilities, we offer a variety of technological components and services.

The solution package combines an array of coordinated smart water meters and advanced sensors through communications up to data management and software services for metering, billing, customer engagement, and network optimization.

Recently we have added a bulk/industrial water meter to our portfolio: ISKRASONIC® BULK.


  • PRODUCT APPLICATION: water networks (bulk, commercial and industrial applications)
  • PRODUCT MEDIUM: cold water (medium temperature up to 50 °C)
  • PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: precise measuring and reliable data transmission
  • SIZES (DN): bulk/industrial water meter with the following diameters: 50–200 DN

ISKRASONIC® is designed for metering and billing of water consumption in main water supply channels or specific zones/district metering areas (DMA). 

The smart water meter offers water utilities limitless flexibility as it supports simple and hustle-free data integration into the existing systems and easy installation. It is a robust, wear-resistant water meter, without any mirrors or other mechanical moving parts, which guarantees long-term operation with over 12 years of battery life.

ISKRASONIC® uses a wide range of communication technologies, e.g. LoRaWANTM, NB-IoT, wM-Bus (OMS).

Our new water meters are MID 2014/32/EU certified and are therefore compliant with ISO 4064. They hold CE marking and are approved for potable water use (sanitary approvals ACS, WRAS, BELGAQUA).

When used in combination with other water meters and sensors from our portfolio (residential meters, sub-meters), ISKRASONIC® enables utilities to capture the complete picture of their water networks, which is crucial for water balances calculation and non-revenue water management.



  • 12+ years of battery life. 
  • Easy data integration into existing and future systems.
  • Cost savings on frequent water meters replacements.
  • Easy installation process in any position.
  • Robust and long-term solution due to the lack of mirrors and other mechanical moving parts that helps to eliminate measuring deviations caused by sand, dust or other particles.
  • A wide range of connectivity options: LoRaWANTM, NB-IoT, wM-Bus (OMS).


  • Precise measurements, monitoring, billing and  leakage detection due to ultrasonic measurement technology.
  • Preventing severe damages and leakages by providing valuable information about network events and anomalies.
Iskraemeco Smart Water Solution: smart meters + automated meter reading (Walk-by/Drive-by and LoRaWAN) + SYMBIOT (HES, MDM, FieldAssist tools).


Automated meter reading (AMR) (Walk-by/Drive-by – wM-Bus (OMS)) increases operational efficiency by wireless measuring water consumption data. There is no longer a need to check each device manually, thereby eliminating meter reading errors manually.

Using Walk-by/Drive-by data collection enables remote reading directly from the vehicle or sidewalk.


With Drive-by technology a maintenance team can easily collect smart meter data remotely, using a vehicle installed meter reading device. 

Meter reading can be carried out in two ways:

  • Targeted meter reading – locations and water meters’ IDs are determined in the job order. Water meter locations and markers are shown on the map of the reading device, and the color of the markers indicates the status of meter readings.
  • A meter reading device collects and saves all meter data (not linked to the water meter ID). The data is transferred to the smart metering platform and assigned to the relevant measuring point.

More than one type of water meter can be read simultaneously on the reading route. Drive-by solutions also support the efficient and reliable acquisition of data from the meters mounted in underground pits or inaccessible for manual reading.


To capture the data from water meters that are inaccessible to vehicles, the Walk-by remote meter reading system is used.

Handheld portable receivers help to collect the meter data, eliminating the need for manual readings and physical inspection of water meters, improving operation efficiency, cutting time maintenance team spends in the field and making processes cost-effective.

The Walk-by technology is particularly convenient for water utility clients, who no longer need to be interrupted by field teams physically checking their water meter statuses.


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) (Fixed meter reading – LoRaWAN, NB-IoT).

Data reading is performed over a public or private LoRaWAN network and telecommunication networks (NB-IoT). Both technologies have advantages for specific areas of application.

The fixed meter reading using LoRaWANTM or NB-IoT networks allows the remote meter management, bringing the following advantages:

  • automatic remote water meters readings,
  • higher frequency of data collection (e.g. once every 2 hours),
  • transmission of measurement data to backend systems is done several times a day, which allows quicker detection of issues in the water network or at the consumer side (alarms),
  • higher accuracy and security of data transfer,
  • possibility to predict consumption and make forecasts for daily/weekly basis
  • predictive maintenance - better organization of the working process (a smaller team is needed to manage water meters).

The LoRaWAN and NB-IoT networks are designed to support endless use cases ranging from smart metering, smart water management, water efficiency, and water balances. Iskraemeco is committed to enabling networks for utilities, municipalities, technology startups, and industry partners to develop and introduce new IoT solutions. We also offer network management, support and services for companies looking to build their own private network.

Using our comprehensive smart water meter solution, water utilities can make quick decisions on reducing their costs, accurately measure water usage across all sources, and reduce non-revenue water.

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