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Advanced Traffic Insights

Company: Swarm Analytics GmbH

Advanced Traffic Insights by Swarm Analytics as perfect solution for difficult to analyze traffic scenarios and situations in any city, municipality, etc.

It's all about the bigger picture

Our Advanced Traffic Insights solution is designed to provide comprehensive traffic analysis and insights that help you optimize traffic flow and improve safety on roads.

Our solution features journey time detection, enabling traffic flow analysis to identify congestion and optimize traffic routes. It also includes traffic flow classification to distinguish between commuter, transit, or visitor traffic. Additionally, our safety and risk analysis feature provides detailed risk assessments to identify potential safety hazards and improve overall road safety. With Advanced Traffic Insights, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of traffic pattens and make informed decisions to enhance overall traffic management.

Regional Origin-Destination

Journey Time

Traffic Safety

"Statistically, how does traffic flow through the city or municipality?"

  • Travel times analysis
  • Visualization of trips through road network
  • Detection of congestion and slow moving traffic

"How long does it take traffic to get from one location to another?"

  • ANPR based journey time recognition in compliance with GDPR
  • Journey time classification in 3+1 classes
  • Traffic segmentation into commuting, visiting, and transiting traffic

"How often do dangerous situations occur at crosswalks?" "How often are speed limits violated?" "Are there wrong-way drivers or blocked vehicles in a particular area?"

  • Pedestrians crossing policy violations
  • Bus stop policy violations
  • Illegal turning and illegal road usage detection
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