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SWARM Traffic Safety

Company: Swarm Analytics GmbH

SWARM Traffic Safety as perfect solution for difficult to analyze traffic scenarios and situations in any city, municipality, etc.

Within traffic safety, it's all about the unexpected: Vehicles and bicycles traveling in the wrong lane or even in the wrong direction. Pedestrians jaywalking and crossing the street where there are neither crosswalks nor traffic lights. Vehicles speeding. Bicycles with significant speed differences on narrow lanes. 

Improcing safety in increasingly tense traffic situations requires an improved infrastructure and smart sensors capable of measuring the impact of any intervention. With the help of our SWARM Traffic Safety solution, the respective stakeholders are supported in recognizing and analyzing these situations as well as potential hazards and thus in taking appropriate measures.

The Hardware

SWARM Perception Box P101
SWARM Outdoor Perception Box OP101


Speed Measurement & Analysis
Monitoring of Vulnerable Road Users
Monitoring of dangerous Situations & Behaviour
Counting & Classification of all Road Users
Real-time Data Visualization
Possibility of individual Custom Events

Get some more impressions about this solution and the custom event rule in this short video:

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