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Traffic Insights

Company: Swarm Analytics GmbH

Traffic Insights by Swarm Analytics as perfect solution for any traffic analysis scenario.

The easy way of getting traffic data

Good urban transportation decisions are based on actual road usage, intersections, bike lanes, and much more across the whole city. Manual traffic counting with random sampling often is common practice for data collection, usually done by persons on the side of the road. Although this approach is well known, it is neither holistic nor sustainable – road traffic is just too complex to capture by manual counting on a few days only.

For example, it is almost impossible to manually capture origin-destination directions or estimate speed data at huge intersections. But wouldn’t it be great to have such information at your disposal?

Our solution is based on cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence models that use data from cameras to provide you with real-time insights and analysis of traffic flow – completely GDPR-compliant.

Traffic Counting

Turning Behavior

Speed Estimates

"What is the traffic frequency on certain locations?" "What is the modal split on certain locations?"

  • High accuracy counting (>95%)
  • 10+1 classification
  • Customizable to filter only relevant information

"What does turning behavior look like at small intersections?"

  • Freely configurable origin and destination areas
  • Turning behavior by vehicle class
  • Illegal turn recognition

"How fast does traffic move on average?" "Is the traffic moving smoothly or rather slowly?"

  • Applicable on main and side roads
  • Average speed overview and counting per 10 km/h speed corridors
  • Safety analysis with vulnerable road user recognition

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