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SWARM Traffic Intelligence

Company: Swarm Analytics GmbH

SWARM Traffic Intelligence as perfect solution for any traffic analysis scenario.

Manual traffic counting with random sampling often is common practice for data collection, usually done by persons on the side of the road. Although this approach is well known, it is neither holistic nor sustainable - road traffic is just too complext to caputure by manual counting, happening on a few days only. For example, it is almost impossible to manually capture origin-destination directions or estimate speed data at huge intersections. But wouldn't it be great to have such information at your disposal?

Our SWARM Traffic Intelligence solution offers a new generation of sensors to gather all reliable traffic data - not just about a few key intersections, but the whole city! It is easily possible to upgrade existing traffic cameras and convert them into smart sensors. From video to data with Swarm Analytics.

The Hardware

Swarm Analytics offers different hardware options for different use-cases. Our SWARM Perception boxes are built with a central device management in mind, which allows fast roll-outs, easy configuration and low management effort. We bring the computation directly to the data source - while keeping all management centralized. This helps to reduce data-traffic, is fully GDPR compliant and allows real-time data generation.

Your use-case, your choice!

SWARM Perception Box P101
SWARM Outdoor Perception Box OP101


Origin-destination Monitoring
Cyclist and Pedestrian Measurement
Real-time Data Visualization
Traffic Counting & Classification
Queue Length Detection
Intersection Monitoring

Get some more impressions about our solutions and products in our video below:

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