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Swarm Analytics GmbH

About us

Founding Year: 2018   |   Region of Operation: Innsbruck   |   Relevant Sectors: Mobility , ICT , Other

Swarm Analytics develops technologies that move intelligence as close as possible to the data source to deliver hyperlocal, real-time, real-world data. By computing multiple inputs (sensor, video, audio, etc.), Swarm Analytics generates valuable data that supports businesses and drives automation processes. The team strives to solve complex problems with creative approaches combined with modern technology in a scalable way, always keeping the product in mind.

Smart City Status: Turning simple cameras into GDPR compliant smart sensors leads to faster, easier, smarter, and trustworthy solutions while increasing affordability. Objects can be detected, classified, and followed providing insights without collecting personal data. Based on Swarm Analytic's sensor technology, the solution partners deliver a broad range of end-to-end smart city solutions, i.e. for traffic and parking.

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Use Cases


Usage of Traffic Intelligence solution in Odense

Odense, Denmark, is a Smart City interested in using new technologies and gaining smart insights. In order to fulfill a traffic data collection - including counting and tracking of cars, pedestrians and bicycles, 125 SWARM Outdoor Perception Boxes have been installed.


Usage of Traffic Intelligence solution in Lustenau

The market town of Lustenau is working together with the technology company Swarm Analytics in order to start the journey to become the most bicycle-friendly municipality in Austria.


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