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Company: Technolution

The platform for coordinated network-wide traffic management.

MobiMaestro – multimodal, interactive traffic management for smart cities

MobiMaestro is Technolution Move’s widely used software suite for coordinated, network-wide traffic management. Thanks to its modular structure, multimodal character and open architecture, MobiMaestro provides insight, overview and control over all your traffic and environment policy goals. It is a great basis for all your Smart City management requirements.


It provides:


MobiMaestro works as a central hub for all your traffic management tasks. It gathers data from many sources and roadside systems, such as traffic light controllers, traffic sensors and air quality sensors. Analyzing this data, MobiMaestro provides insight through clear overviews, graphs and reports in a user-friendly display. Its multimodal functionality is suited for all types of traffic and transportation, and it incorporates important issues such as flow, environmental impact, livability, and safety. You can compare realized results with goals set using key performance indicators to view the effectiveness of the measures you are implementing.


Manage and operate all your roadside devices from a single central environment, including traffic light controllers, parking displays, dynamic messaging signs, cameras and many more. The integrated scenario manager allows you to control and coordinate the operation of all devices on the basis of a wide spectrum of measurement data. Keep the roads in your target area accessible, safe, and livable by coordinating all street measures and roadworks with each other.


MobiMaestro is a living, growing system with a very active group of users. The platform is tuned to allow cooperation with all types of users from different departments of your organization, but also with users from other road management organizations or external parties. The open architecture provides for great interconnectivity with your existing systems. There is an ever-expanding set of MobiMaestro modules, which can be easily connected and controlled from the user-friendly central user interface.

Use cases

Do you need to control traffic flows and crowds during large events in your city? Would you like to promote and facilitate cycling? Or manage locations where different types of traffic meet, such as cars and vessels? The MobiMaestro platform offers many different possible applications. Below are a few examples. Please contact us for more information about MobiMaestro use cases.

Traffic Management of Large Events

Traffic management for major events needs to focus on all traffic modes. Using MobiMaestro as a basis, we help organizers, local authorities and road managers to ensure that traffic around events runs smoothly, Everyone’s safety and experience is the main priority

Managing Multimodal Traffic

MobiMaestro is extremely well-equipped for the integrated management of all types of traffic. From cars, bicycles and pedestrians to trams, buses and vessels. It gives you fresh insight and greater control at locations where different types of traffic connect.

Optimizing Corridors Using Reliable Data

Capturing, integrating and analyzing different streams of traffic data will give you unique insight into the traffic situation on the corridors in and around your city. This is what makes MobiMaestro an indispensable tool for optimizing the traffic flows on these corridors.



Using MobiMaestro as a central platform, we have developed a broad range of Smart City solutions for the city of Copenhagen. Including Variable Message Signs for cyclists, data-driven flow management for major traffic corridors, and reduction of traffic light waiting times with smart apps.


The city of Amsterdam uses MobiMaestro for network-wide traffic optimization. MobiMaestro does this by connecting three traffic centers (national, provincial and municipal) in and around Amsterdam with each other, so that they can coordinate their traffic management

San Francisco

MobiMaestro is used to optimize red and green times at traffic lights at the many intersections on San Francisco’s busy 3rd Street. As a result, traffic light waiting times for Light Rail Vehicles on 3rd Street have been reduced by 40%. Other road users such as pedestrians and motor vehicles are also benefiting from the optimization.

MobiMaestro Modules

Providing a flexible platform with an open architecture, MobiMaestro offers the openness and transparency that you need for your traffic management. It has many functional modules, each targeted to specific goals. You can pick and choose the modules that you need, and combine them as you see fit. The set of MobiMaestro modules is always expanding as it adapts to the needs of its many users. Are you interested in finding out how MobiMaestro can support your city’s traffic management? Please contact us.

MobiMaestro Platform


Operate iTLCs and TLCs remotely and in a user-friendly way, supported by traffic engineering terminology. Use scenarios to effortlessly deploy library scenarios, for instance during maintenance works or incidents. VINCE helps you to ensure optimal flow for all modes of transport in your city or province.


Use this all-in-one solution for parking guidance (PRIS) to determine the right access routes and indicate current availability of parking locations on your displays. PAGE helps you to reduce traffic looking for parking spots in your city.


All types of messages, displayed immediately on all kinds of displays and VMSs. Supported by open protocols like Disperanto. Also create dynamic route maps in your own templates. DISPLAY helps you optimally inform all your road users.


Effortlessly combine and request camera images through scenarios and display them in a viewer or on a video wall. Operate the cameras using mouse, keyboard or joystick. You can also easily share your camera images. SCOPE helps you to acquire and provide insight into your control area.


Organize network management through scenarios and the traffic control approach. Work together transparently to implement clear actions. Use your own or external information, like public transport or bridge data. Effortlessly share scenarios with other road managers through DVM-Exchange. NEMO allows you to combine all the information available to you.


Receive all data flows in the same portal from now on. Receive, transmit, control, enrich and distribute data intended for and coming from both internal and external users.


Data becomes information. Analyze and optimize your intersections and control scenarios. Refine your control strategy and optimize routes. If critical thresholds are exceeded, this is shown in clear reports.


Share your data through the Open Data platform. Current data from parking locations, iTLCs or TLCs, TDIs, VMSs and bridges can be consulted on a simple web interface, using either our or your own app.


Control and monitor public street lighting in your city. The module handles errors and controls brightness settings, using various kinds of sensors in MobiMaestro.


Are you seeking to integrate bridge management into your control scenarios? You can do this with the information provided via the BRIDGE module, such as current bridge openings, planned openings, and notifications to bridge operators.


The public transport module makes current and planned travel information on public transport available in your MobiMaestro system. Deploy multimodal travel information and even multimodal scenarios. In this way, relevant at-stop information can be made available for up-to-date traffic management, as well as to calculate and monitor your relevant KPIs.


Give cyclists higher priority when the weather is bad or bad weather is on its way. Use meteorological information to organize traffic diversions or to influence fixed route choices during heavy rain.


Link various kinds of sensors to MobiMaestro. Whether they work with a standard protocol, a generic protocol, or even a proprietary protocol, they can introduce valuable information into MobiMaestro.


Use the C-ITS module to convey information from your traffic control center to road users’ vehicles. Share information such as congestion warnings, lane recommendations, time-to-green at traffic lights and optimal travel times for freight traffic with your road users.

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