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Digital Twins - 3D Modelling

Company: Uzufly

The 3D models ‘Digital Twins’ generated by drones allow public entities to better understand future construction projects and to communicate them in an innovative way to the local community and key stakeholders.

Services for spatial planning and construction project planning

Uzufly generates ultra-photorealistic 2D and 3D digital models of large urban areas using drones, allowing the visualization of building templates. Architects' final designs are integrated into 3D digital models for consultation and building permit applications.

These 3D models allow municipalities to optimize the planning, conceptualization, and communication phases of their urban development projects and municipal master plans:

  • the planning phase includes an immersive experience and a participatory approach
  • The conceptualization phase is faster and less expensive, with a complete and accurate representation
  • We provide you with immersive 3D visualization and ultra-realistic marketing videos for your communication phase.


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Modelling your world




1. Visualization of construction volumes

Uzufly integrates 3D construction volumes directly into its digital models: 

  • In-situ and accurate representation 
  • Interactive platform offering a 3D and 360° viewpoint 
  • Precise understanding of the volume of the buildings



2. Communication tools 

Uzufly integrates the architects' final designs into its 3D digital model as a support for public consultations and building permit applications: 

  • Ultra-realistic representation of future projects
  • Immersive 3D and 360° visualizations
  • Renderings and videos adapted to each type of communication



3. Technical files for architects and engineers 

Uzufly transforms its 2D and 3D models into complete and detailed topographic surveys : 

  • 2x faster and 1.5x cheaper than a traditional survey
  • Additional data compared to a traditional survey
  • 2D and 3D complement for architects and engineers






Uzufly uses the latest drones on the market to cover buildings up to entire cities.


Uzufly processes up to 100,000 images to deliver highly detailed, photorealistic 2D maps and 3D models.


Uzufly integrates BIM architectural files into the models and converts them into technical formats (AutoCAD).



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