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Company: MAHLE chargeBIG GmbH

chargeBIG is part of the automotive supplier MAHLE and, as the name suggests, it’s a system for charging electric vehicles on a large scale. By making available an intelligent, low-cost charging infrastructure, up to 100 vehicles can be charged at once—or even more!

Charge as fast as necessary, not as fast as possible.

chargeBIG is the ideal solution for parking areas where many electric vehicles are parked for longer time periods, such as at airports or trade fairs, in company car parks, on the sites of fleet operators, in city logistics hubs, in the housing sector or in large public car parks.

Due to the intelligent charging system and design-to-cost approach, there is no need to invest in the expansion of the grid connection, resulting in substantial cost and time savings during the installation of the charging infrastructure. The central control unit distributes the available charging capacity to the parked vehicles using dynamic and phase-individual load management. chargeBIG responds flexibly to other consumers in the network and uses the electric vehicles as a controllable load. This ensures optimal utilization of the available power supply. The chargeBIG charging infrastructure can be used to control the load and energy management in a building while avoiding to exceed the maximum load limit. Thus costs for peak power can be reduced. chargeBIG can also regulate other loads by prioritizing these loads such as the kitchen or the test bench and reducing the electric vehicles as a controllable load in the charging power. If the chargeBIG system should not regulate autonomously, it can be integrated into the building management system and react to load specifications within one second.

chargeBIG solution at public parking areas

chargeBIG offers the implementation of a full-service solution for your individual charging needs. In addition to providing the charging hardware, chargeBIG also take care of the installation, maintenance, service and operation of the charging points. chargeBIG can advise you and can choose the right solution for you.

charging solution chargeBIG powered by MAHLE

chargeBIG Benefits

For your individual charging needs, chargeBIG from MAHLE offers a full-service solution from a single source. With chargeBIG, you invest in a future-proof charging solution at your location and for your fleet.

Costs for sub-distribution are additional for conventional solutions with many charging points. The centralized system approach offers significant cost advantages not only for charging hardware, but also for maintenance.

Price information on the chargeBIG range of services is available on request.

Overview of the Benefits


The chargeBIG charging solution for single-phase „AC Destination Charging“ with charging power between 2.3 and 7.2kW consists of a central and intelligent control unit – the charging cabinet – and permanently fixed cables with plugs instead of charging poles or wallboxes at the parking place. Depending on the local conditions, the device at the parking slot is equipped either with a charging pillar or a wall bracket with a fixed charging cable. Instead of installing expensive components at each parking place, the necessary components (e.g. charge controller, energy measurement, fuses, etc.) are placed in the central charging cabinet. A single charging cabinet can control up to 36 charging points with single-phase charging power. Higher charging power with 22kW can be integrated in the system. Centralization offers considerable cost advantages not only in production but also in maintenance. The central arrangement of the electronics significantly reduces the maintenance effort. Centralization also offers advantages over conventional solutions in the field of communication and IT security. In addition, chargeBIG has a clear advantage in terms of electrical safety. Only when the vehicle is connected and safely grounded, a charging point is supplied with power. In cases of vandalism or accidents there is no danger because the charging point is without power.

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