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BrightSites by Signify

Company: Signify

BrightSites by Signify is an end-to-end, wireless and scalable solution that can be integrated simply and seamlessly into the urban environment without creating visual clutter.

The Connectivity Grid Of The Future

Take your city to the next level of connectivity

Imagine the city where WI-FI and 4G/5G coverage is available and seamless wherever you go. Where there‘s not a single coverage blackspot. Now, via our end-to-end solution, cities can become, connected to form a high-bandwidth wireless network. A network interspersed with smart poles and digital kiosks enabled by luminaries with Gbit technology is capable of densifying communication networks and hosting digital equipment, sensors and cameras.

More than a network: We prepare the future for you

Brightsites is designed for scalability and ease of deployment. With our latest generation of mmWave enabled luminaires, we upgrade light fixtures to extend the reach of broadband backhaul. Conventionally these end applications would require fiber or copper cable connections for each point of access. With our solution we transform the light infrastructure to carry wireless fiber signals through the means of mmWave technology. 
 It allows the city to deploy mass IoT applications on demand.



Brightsites enables a platform for various IoT services to be deployed at a fraction of cost and time compared to legacy means. These services range from providing public/private Wi-Fi to smart security and traffic management through intelligent CCTV cameras, building an eco-friendlier environment with smart city sensors to developing advanced digital medical delivery services.

Sustainability: Do it the Signify Way

The sustainability impact is at the heart of our solution. It reduces the carbon footprint as much as 90% compared to legacy means of deploying city IoT solutions. We avoid the complex, long and expensive fiber deployment and more importantly reduce the environmental impact by using a retrofit luminaire deployment model.



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Reducing energy emissions through LED lighting
Energy reduction allows reinvestments into next generation digital development

With energy savings of up to 80% and the potential to save 100 megatons of GHG emissions per year, LED and connected lighting is a quick and easy win for sustainable renovation, smart cities, and building the digital infrastructure that a carbon-neutral economy require. Lighting for the built environment is responsible for around 50% of a city’s total electricity use. Reducing the energy consumption has a direct impact on the environmental footprint. 

Enhancing Safety & Security
Safety and security as number one factor to build and retain talent

Modern technologies could lead to approximately 30-40% reduction in crime. Maximizing security technologies can drive a 25% increase in the safety result score. 8-10% reduction of fatalities, road traffic and emergency services. Government and police appreciation scores increases by over 50%. Our infrastructure accelerates the adoption of technologies to enhance the safety and security in an urban environment.

Urban mobility
Smart traffic management systems can improve the sustainability of the city

A smart traffic flow management has a direct impact on the productivity in a city which can lead to 25% faster commute by eliminating stops, reducing wait time, and increasing travel speeds. 30-40% fewer stops, decreasing wear on the road and tires and resulting in a cost savings for drivers and cities. Additionally, it can produce 20% fewer harmful emissions and improve air quality by reducing stops and idling. With the proposed solution high speed traffic sensoring is made available in a granular way.

Public Wi-Fi
Accessible connectivity to everyone in the city

Tourist and student population in a city ranks public Wi-Fi within the top 5 of city attractiveness. The city can increase at least 1% tourism which results into 0,31% increase in GDP. Offering services through public Wi-Fi can additionally reduce labour costs for cities by 20 to 30% for tourist management and increase the sales of 65% of restaurants. Expanding the public Wi-Fi network with our broadband luminaire solution is highly cost effective and easy to deploy at a large scale.

Bridging the digital divide through Fixed Wireless Access
Connectivity for underserved areas and public institutions

Fixes Wireless Access increases profitability and efficiency among small medium businesses and communities having unrestricted broadband access. The inclusion rate for youth increases by as much as 4% in local economy which benefits the lower socio-economic class persons on focusing their limited resources on more pressing issues. It improves opportunities for personal, educational and occupational advancement. With our solution we can connect every home and business with a gigabit service for as little as £220 per unit to help solve the digital divide

Mobile connectivity with 4G/5G small cells
Data demand is exponentially rising

The demand for mobile connectivity of the 5G technology is accelerating the need of network densification and is expected to grow by 4x over the next five years which is driving the adoption of 5G technology across the globe. Networks require densification to provide coverage and capacity promised by 5G that can be served by small cell deployments in urban environments. 5G by 2030 is expected to add 330B USD to the global GDP. With our solution the entire lighting grid becomes a host for seamless deployment of 5G small cells on the street scape.

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