During the Nordic Edge Expo 2018, the best smart city implementation projects of the year were awarded. The idea was to find implementations with a highly innovative potential to disrupt the status quo and to revolutionise existing markets.

The SMAVARD team scouted the event for the most interesting implementations, and an independent jury formed by companies, cities and experts working on the Smart City sector evaluated the candidates and their implementation projects.

For the award, three categories were defined and a general winner was chosen. Meet the most innovative implementations of the year:


infotiles - Smart water utility solution
Using data to improve water and waste water supply. From the city of Stavanger Open data sources, sensor data, weather dat and SKADA are streamed and real time processed to see co-relation across data sources in real time.
This information is being used to maintain and identify the waste water sysetms. The maintenance of waste water system can be don eremotely and have predictive maintenance. Read more...


Special Mentions (by category):


Special merits

boost.ai - Virtual Assistance for Municipality services
Municipal websites though very informative are very difficult for people to navigate. The virtual assitance - Kira which is implemented as a service by Boost AI on the webpage, helps citizens with getting to the information easily. Read more...

Runner Up
Ströer - Digital Communication System in Wuppertal
The city of Wuppertal aimed to create a digital infrastructure as a communication medium between city and citizens in public space. To support the municipality, Stroeer Media provided the city with the necessary digital infrastructure to setup digital city communication system. Read more...


Special merits
Eindhoven - Unidirectional functional lighting in Eckart
Unidirectional functional lighting has been installed on a walking path at a pond in Eckart. The special type of lights only shine towards the path and not on the pond to not disturb the local fauna.10 of the 30 poles are equipped with sensors that dim the light according to the usage of the path. Read more...

Runner Up
Public Art Lab - Digital Calligraffiti
Digital Calligraffiti is a interactive light table for realtime projection of new artistic forms, citizens' inclusion and intercultural dialogue. It connects people at public spaces. Read more...


Special merits
maptrends - Real travel insight based on facts
Anonymous and aggregated mobile-data covering vast geographical areas, Maptrends analyze how the population is moving. "We create dynamic overviews and charts for cities and municipalities, private and public sectors. We create the best basis for assessment to create a more efficient transportation system, better city planning, and, all-in-all, smarter and safer cities".

Runner Up
PayiQ - Föli: Single ticket experience for multi-modal travel and events in Turku region
City of Turku started with PayiQ city when it and surrounding municipalities wanted to offer mobile ticketing originally to the handheld generation and casual travelers. PayiQ was chosen as a development partner through competitive tendering. PayiQ developed based on its platform a system, which allow multi-model travel (public and private, different transportation means) to be combined into single experience - single ticket, payment and transaction. Later this has grown into a system to allow also event tickets (like sports competitions) to be included in this ticketing. It encourages people to use public transport and also promotes these additional services (events). Read more...


We would like to thank the jury, the Morgenstadt network, the Nordic Edge Expo team and the Mayor of Stavanger for making this competition possible and to advance the discussion about the smart cities.