In this first episode of our Urban Innovation Leadership Programme series, we welcomed back Bas Boorsma - Founder and Partner of Urban Innovators Global, Professor of Practice at Thunderbird School of Management, Author of A New Digital Deal, and the former CDO of Rotterdam - and Jonathan Reichental – Founder of Human Future, Professor at the University of San Francisco, Author of Smart Cities for Dummies (among other books), and the former CIO of Palo Alto in California.

Drawing from their experiences across public and private sectors, Bas and Jonathan discussed the integration of digital advancements in urban settings and the need to equip urban leaders and professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to address the complexities of modern urban development.


Remember our guest from somewhere? Listen to Bas Boorsma in his first episode with us: #23 Rotterdam: Digitalisation or "Learning To Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable"


Urban Innovators Global and BABLE Smart Cities are proud to announce the launch of the Urban Innovation Leadership Programme – an academic programme that is tailored and totally customizable for your organization. If this sparks your interest, you can reach out directly to us at for more information.


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