What is the Urban Innovation Leadership Programme? 

Introducing the Urban Innovation Leadership Programme (UILP), a joint initiative by BABLE Smart Cities and Urban Innovators Global. UILP offers a pragmatic approach to addressing the evolving needs of cities, regions, and countries in the ever-changing landscape of urban innovation. Our programme is customisable and designed to equip professionals and leaders in the urban innovation domain with the practical knowledge and skills required to enhance innovation within their communities. Our mission is clear - we aim to empower community leaders with the ability to navigate the complexities of digitalization while ensuring the benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks. UILP goes beyond mere digitalization, emphasizing the convergence of digital and analogue innovations, covering areas like design, planning, architecture, social innovation, place-making,  and non-digital infrastructure within the urban framework. With a diverse range of programme offerings, tailored leadership training, expert collaborations, and a commitment to vendor neutrality, UILP is the go-to platform for public sector professionals, leaders, NGOs, and key partners to enhance their urban innovation expertise. Explore our curriculum, which delves into topics such as emerging technology management, agile governance, design thinking, and building smart regions, to name just a few. Join us as we embark on a journey to foster practical urban innovation skills and strategies for today's leaders and professionals.

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More about the training: 

  • Training Format: UILP masterclasses are organised globally, addressing the specific needs of cities, regions, and countries. The program employs a combination of on-site and online support.
  • Objective: The program aims to expand the knowledge and skillsets of professionals and leaders in the smart community domain, enhancing a city or community's overall innovation capacity.
  • Mission: UILP's mission is to facilitate community leaders in acquiring and enhancing skills to effectively address digitalization, ensuring the benefits while mitigating potential negatives.
  • Scope: While UILP emphasizes digitalisation, it recognises the importance of a broader urban innovation strategy. Success relies on the convergence of digital and analogue innovations, encompassing design, planning, architecture, social innovation, place-making, urban agriculture, and non-digital infrastructure within the framework.

Our Approach: 

  • Program Variety: UILP offers flexible programs from short masterclasses to year-long initiatives for entire nations.
  • Leadership Training: Tailored one-day sessions for executives and elected leaders.
  • Expert Collaboration: UILP collaborates with global design thinkers and subject matter experts.
  • Interactive Learning: Highly interactive programs with a balance of 60:40 to 30:70 for lectures and interactive work.
  • Collaborative Platform: UILP serves as a platform for sharing best practices and know-how among partners.
  • Vendor Neutrality: The core curriculum is vendor-neutral, with encouragement for non-standard training by private sector partners.

Who is it for? 

  • Public sector professionals
  • Public sector leadership, both elected and non-elected
  • NGO professionals and management 
  • Semi-public sector agency management 
  • Key partners to local and regional government (e.g. port or airport authorities, road authorities)
  • Key private sector partners (e.g. management of telcos, transport companies, utilities, etc.)

Our Curriculum: 

  • Management, Governance and Application of Emerging Tech: From Digital Twins to AI, from IoT to Web 3.0
  • Agile Governance, Community Engagement, Framing for Success in Innovation
  • Design Thinking and System Complexity Methodologies for Policy Makers
  • Building Smart Regions
  • + many more! 

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For any questions, please contact: 

  • Tamlyn Shimizu, Global Partnerships and Communications Lead, BABLE Smart Cities (tamlyn@bable-smartcities.eu) 
  • Bas Boorsma, Founding Partner, Urban Innovators Global (bas.boorsma@urbaninnovators.global)