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BABLE Service

Market Strategies

Navigating the challenges of selling to local governments requires a strategic approach supported by comprehensive market strategies. Understanding local market dynamics, overcoming language and trust barriers, and making informed decisions about market entry are crucial. With the right insights and support, companies can significantly increase their success rate, reduce the sales cycle, and achieve long-term loyalty from public sector clients.​


Cities are increasingly expecting vendors to clearly articulate
the real value of solutions and how they fit into the complex municipal context.​

Who this is for

  • Private Companies with >1M EUR revenues aiming to increase its business with governments especially on the level of local and regional governments in Europe

  • Companies that have at least successfully piloted solutions with cities or in public space​

  • Companies with an interest to go beyond their established home market in other regions in Europe


Why you trust BABLE

BABLE is Europe’s leading facilitator and marketplace for B2G innovation. We bring public sector buyers and private sector solution providers together to implement solutions 50% faster and more efficiently.

  • We have access to more relevant data than anyone else (data on 4.300 cities – soon 43.000 European cities)​

  • We have local offices and teams all across Europe to directly engage with public sector in every relevant region​

  • We speak ca. 20 languages​

  • We make your efforts 50% faster and more efficient​

  • We have decreased our own public sector sales cycle from over 6 months to 8 weeks​

  • We share your risk



Our Offering

Market Study

We provide you with the information you need to guide your B2G growth strategy for a particular market.​

The focus of the report is trends in the Smart Cities sector:

  • Possible clients & partners in market

  • Policies of local, regional, national and supranational authorities​

  • Competitors and competing products​

  • Needs and pains of local authorities​​

Market studies can be completed at the following levels:​

  • European Level

  • Country level (in-depth or sector-focused)​

  • Quick fact sheet (country and sector focused)​

Market Update

The Market Update is a continuation of the Market Study, which only captures a moment in time.​

These updates will include:​

  • New products and use cases in the smart city field​​

  • Competitor movements​​

  • Relevant news and reports on the region(s) of your choice

City Insights Profile

City Insights Profiles map the landscape of a specific city to help with tailored outreach and strategic relationship building.​

It includes:

  • Overview of local regulatory framework​

  • City’s strategies, objectives and targets​

  • Funding opportunities for the municipality

  • Current and previous tenders​ published

  • Smart City use cases and projects

  • Key city contacts & stakeholders

Team Training

Providing your team with training on Smart Cities and the public sector will build the necessary skills needed for successful B2G engagement.​


BABLE experts are able to cover these and many more topics*:​​

  • Smart Cities as an urban development concept​​

  • The public procurement process​

  • Strategies for selling to the public sector


*Note: This is just a sample of topics. The specific modules to be included in the training can be agreed upon in advance. The training can be recorded and available to be viewed post the training session as well.


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