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BABLE Service

Funding Roadmap

Creating more livable places requires significant investments into the future of our municipal infrastructure and services, as well as facilitating investments of private sector and citizens to become climate neutral within the next decades. We cannot finance those activities solely from existing municipal budgets. Third party grants will play a significant role in leveraging your existing funds and multiply the impact to reach your mission faster.

Europe’s Mission Cities have identified a financial need of ca. 1Billion EUR
per city per year to become climate neutral by 2030


BABLE will support you in understanding the funding landscape to fund your mission as a city. The result will be a small report (ca. 10-15 pages) outlining your funding needs and suggested funding routes incl. open calls to apply for.  

BABLE has practical experience in local, (inter-) regional, national, European and international funds as well as innovation, social, environmental and structural funds to identify the right funding for your mission. The Funding Roadmap is the first step on a city’s funding journey, identifying the city’s needs, projects and activities that can be supported by funding. The roadmap will identify the most suitable types of funds and suggest concrete next steps in accessing those funds.

Who this is for

  • Public Authorities: Municipalities, Regions

  • Municipal Companies

  • Utility Companies

  • Public Transport Companies

  • Economic Development Agencies

  • Other public entities eligible to receive public grants


Why you trust BABLE

BABLE is Europe’s leading facilitator and marketplace for B2G innovation. We bring public sector buyers and private sector solution providers together to implement solutions 50% faster and more efficiently.

We have:

  • Access to more public funding available than ever before (e.g. from the 1 trillion EU budget)

  • Europe’s largest database of funding options for the public sector with <8,000 entries

  • Access to project partners with a proven track-record of innovations from across Europe

  • A track record of accessing many different types of funds: structural funds, Horizon, Interreg, regional, national from many countries in Europe

  • Largest Use Case database in Europe including costs and how it was financed in over 200 cities

  • Access to private sector (>500 companies) as Europe‘s largest marketplace



There is no limitation – having a funding strategy helps to more efficiently apply for funding options later.


Our Offering

BABLE offers a comprehensive and tailored Funding Roadmap service, designed specifically to assist public sector employees in European cities with their innovation and climate-neutral initiatives.

The service includes a detailed, 10–15-page report that outlines your city's specific funding needs and recommends potential funding sources, including open calls to apply for. Leveraging BABLE's extensive experience with a variety of funds – local, regional, national, European, and international, as well as those focused on innovation, social, environmental, and structural aspects – the report identifies the most appropriate funding options for your city's unique mission.

The process begins with a collection of your city's needs and background information, followed by a 2.5-hour on-site/online workshop that introduces the basics of public funding. Within just one week, BABLE delivers a comprehensive Funding Roadmap, offering a clear path forward in a landscape of over 8,000 funding possibilities.

The service is offered at a competitive lump sum fee of 4,900 EUR, making it an accessible and efficient solution for public sector employees seeking to fund their city’s journey towards a sustainable and climate-neutral future.

Funding Roadmap

Before pursuing different funding options, you will provide input.


  • Collection of city needs and background materials from the city (1 day)

  • 2.5h on-site workshop incl. a brief introduction to public funding in general

  • BABLE will write a Funding Roadmap and deliver the report to you within 1 week


4.900 EUR lump sum

Success Cases

Is funding not your main challenge at this point in time?  

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