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Get to know the market

A huge number of multi-faceted Smart City developments are ideated, planned, implemented and redeveloped all over the globe.
BABLE is your tool to connect to initiatives at all stages. Understand standards, regulations and trusted business models of innovation areas in our SOLUTIONS descriptions.

Get to know the lessons learned, stakeholders, benefits and key financial indicators of implemented USE CASES. See public tenders in the Smart City movement first in our BABLE TENDER section.
Hear about announcements, thoughts and calls for action first in our BABLE POST section.

All this: free of charge.

Interact in the market

Have a look in our CONNECT page to see the PROFILES  of our experts, CITIESCOMPANIES and PROJECTS as well as current calls for TENDERS from all over Europe in our SPOT section.
Read what our community is planning and POST your questions and news to join forces with Europe’s Smart City Community.

Create your own company and personal profile and interact with our community instantly – totally free of charge. Get in touch with the people that are really driving implementations in the Smart City movement.

Interact in discussions with our community and POST your thoughts, calls for action and announcements to everyone on the web.

Develop and offer strategy

Have a look into our EXPLORE section. GET IN TOUCH with us to have your innovation linked to existing or newly developed neutral Smart City SOLUTIONS (again: free of charge).

You can keep any of these items in your personal bookmarks (only for logged-in members) to show them to your colleagues later.

Sell efficiently

No matter if you are offering a small hardware product, a mixture of products and services or fully fledged and integrated Smart City Solutions, BABLE will help you improve your visibility and guide you towards new potential application areas.

See your products become part of integrated Smart City SOLUTIONS to display the benefits, business models and properties of your area of innovation directly to interested parties. Display your success stories by creating your own USE CASE (for free).

Have your PRODUCTS AND SERVICES listed and link them to use cases alongside with your company and expert profiles (see listing fees).  See public tenders in the Smart City movement first in our BABLE TENDER section. Hear about announcements, thoughts and calls for action first in our BABLE POST section.

Mauro Ramos de Jesus Pereira

Mauro Ramos de Jesus Pereira


BikeTrace AB

Ytterhogdal, Sweden

Working alongside BABLE Smart Cities has been a fantastic experience so far. I really like the fact that I can showcase our project and checkout what Smart Cities-related projects other companies are working on. But most importantly, their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm about development of Smart Cities has been a true source of inspiration for me personally and for BikeTrace as a company.

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