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Challenge / Goal

The city administration needs to improve the traffic situation at the Lütticher street in Aachen. Multiple scenarios are viable, such as a one or two lane street, a wider bicycle lane, or more trees instead of parking lots. These scenarios are based on demands from citizens who have different likes and dislikes. To find the most suitable option, the city asked for help to display these complex scenarios as vividly as possible and to stimulate an interactive discussion between various stakeholders. Citizens shall have the opportunity to see different scenarios on-site and in real time, to reduce misunderstandings during the planning process. The following goals were formulated: 

  • Develop different scenarios for the street
  • Display scenarios on site and in real-time
  • Stimulate discussion between all stakeholders to find the most suitable option and to reduce misunderstandings


To achieve the formulated goals, cityscaper's augmented reality applications were used. In close collaboration with citizens and the city administration, multiple scenarios were developed that mirrored the interests of the biggest stakeholder groups. While most citizens demanded a wider bicycle lane and more trees, others asked for better parking opportunities. 

Using the cityscaper app, citizens were then able to access these scenarios on their own smartphones and to walk through the street. Based on these visualisations, the city was able to 1) let citizens participate more actively, 2) foster a fact-based discussion without any misunderstandings, and lastly 3) to find the most suitable scenario for all stakeholders. 

Citizen participation

Citizens were asked to participate during a workshop to make the discussion as interactive as possible. The various variants were accessible on everyone's smartphone which allowed for enhanced participation. Based on this open and experienceable discussion, the urban planning process was more participative and understandable for everyone. 


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Time period

Planning time: Less than 6 months

Implementation time: Less than 6 months


cityscaper; The City of Aachen

Service providers


End users

Citizens; Road Planners; Urban Planners, The City of Aachen

    Main benefits

  • Facilitating citizen engagement

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