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The Bewegen Bike Share System

Company: Bewegen Technologies Inc.

Bewegen Technologies was founded upon a vision to revolutionize how we move. This is why we created the most advanced bike share system available, featuring world-class Pedelec (electric-assist) bicycle technology.


Our Pedelec Electric Assist Vehicle

Riding a bike should be fun, and Bewegen’s user-friendly Pedelec bicycle is a true smile maker. Get on the bike, begin pedalling, and feel the electric-assist motor activate seamlessly alongside your movement. Bewegen’s Pedelec bicycle is more than just a bike, it’s an experience!

Our electric-assist bike includes many advantageous features. 

- DynaMe® Electric Motor (Sealed mid-drive electric motor to help conquer hills and long distances without breaking a sweat);

- Dockless Bicycle Technology & Secondary Lock (Freedom to start and finish trips anywhere);

- GPS Location & Routing (Precise tracking of users’ trips);

- 48 V High-Efficiency Lithium Ion Battery (Travel up to 30 miles (60km) on a single charge);

- Customizable Bicycle (Brand your bike to suit your bike share system (color, name, sponsor, etc.);

- Heavy-Duty Basket (Carry up to 55lbs (25kg) of cargo on the go); 

- Color Digital Screen (Monitor your speed, distance, trip, status and more).

Our Pedelec Electric Assist Vehicle

Our SMART Station

Sustainable – an easy to install or remove station with few civil work prior to installation.

Modular – reconfigurable with a maximum capacity of 32 docks enabling to add or take-off docks during the duration of the scheme.

Adaptable – configuration styles suitable for any location (e.g., in a row, face-to-face, split row, angle, etc.).

Recharging – station is directly connected to an electrical power source (e.g., electrical grid, solar, batteries) to ensure the continuous charging of the bikes’ battery.

Transportable – the freestanding station built upon a rail technology provides the opportunity to install quickly and relocate the recharging stations.

Our SMART Station

Our Virtual Station Technology

Our Virtual Station Technology

The geo-fenced technology that we use allows to create GPS designated drop-off zones for a hybrid bike share scheme of dock and dockless.

A user simply attaches the vehicle to a bike rack within the virtual station and this shall end their ride.

The virtual stations are implemented for permanent or temporary reasons and enable a more elaborate bike share strategy:

- More stations for check-in or check-out of electric vehicles;

- Larger servicing area;

- Planning for physical stations;

- Temporary road/civil works;

- Events.

A Complete IT Solution

Customizable Mobile Application

The bike share solution that we provided goes beyond the experience on the electric assist vehicle.

A complete mobile application allowing users to access the bike share scheme and to unlock a vehicle. And an integral website that presents the same features as on the mobile app:

- Full live system map ;

- User profile;

- Unlocking vehicule (mobile app only);

- Ride history;

- Account information;

- Billing information;

- Customer service;

- And more.

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We are your partner in urban mobility. We're ready to ride along with you to make it happen. Visit our website to contact us!

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