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Sympheny WebApp

Company: Urban Sympheny AG

Urban Energy Optimized

Our software

Our software is a combination of digital twin and optimization algorithm, which provide the user with the optimal solutions for planning the energy system of any site, by swifting through thousands of solutions to find the optimal ones.

Sympheny user-friendly modelling steps and powerful algorithms allow to optimize complex multi-carrier energy systems and to find the solutions with optimal combination of technologies leading to the lowest CO2 and life-cycle cost combination.

Sympheny’s core technologies in multi-energy systems optimization were developed in research projects carried out at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) and ETH Zürich over 7 years.

Why Sympheny?


What our users say

«Sympheny supports our strategic energy planning in an ideal way. The flexibility is extremely convincing and the sensitivity analysis provides security in finding solutions.» - Andreas Wirz, Eicher + Pauli

«Dank Sympheny können wir heute präzisere Energiekonzepte für unsere Kunden entwickeln. Damit schaffen wir Mehrwerte für unsere Kunden.» - Oliver Meyer, Elimes AG

«Heute hilft uns die Digitalisierung dezentrale Energiekonzepte zu entwickeln und schafft auch Sicherheit Investitionen in neue Infrastrukturen zu tätigen.»-  Martin Derungs, CEO IBC Chur

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More about our mission

To achieve the climate goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050, the current energy system must be transformed and shifted to renewable energy. The integrative and holistic considerations necessary for the wide integration of renewables are drastically expanding the number of stakeholders required to work closely together: the workflows between energy planners, energy managers, site owners, occupants and technology providers must be seamless to enable thea development of a true, future-oriented vision. This creates both big challenges and unprecedented opportunities. ​

Sympheny enables continuous optimization of the energy system of a site by empowering energy planners, managers and other stakeholders to collaboratively identify and exploit opportunities for improving energy and CO2 performance. The core of Sympheny’s platform is a synthesis of energy optimization algorithms and digital twin technology.  The digital twin integrates diverse energy-relevant data, providing a rich, multi-dimensional representation of the sites. The algorithms use this data to  quickly evaluate the full range of optimal energy supply solutions for the site, and identify those solutions with the optimal match to stakeholder requirements. The platform enables cooperative, data-driven decision making by the stakeholders, a vital process to actively shape a sustainable future.

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