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Human-Centric Energy Management Application

Company: Suite5 Information Technology Solutions

Human-centric energy management applications exploits real-time energy analytics and relevant Key Performance Indicators to provide multi-modal reinforcements and valuable information to the end users.

The Power of Data Analytics

Data analytics and the role they can play in the energy sector are some of the points of interest that sparked debate since the dawn of the 21st century. Decarbonisation, decentralisation, democratisation and digitalisation are the driving forces behind the digital transformation of the energy and utilities domains. In order to be successful, a modern company should leverage the power of data analytics tools to optimise asset, network and business operations.

Nowadays, a wide range of data analytics services are provided by various software developers. In order for them to take advantage in the ever-growing data analytics landscape, there is an exceeding need for innovations and significant differentiation points, setting that way the basis for lucrative commercialisation.

Main Features

  • A simplified and at the same time appealing application, with appropriate interfaces will be made available to consumers, offering personalised informative billing, to allow a better understanding of consumption patterns, energy waste and flexibility to shift consumption towards avoiding increased energy charges.
  • Demonstration of alternative Thermal Energy Tariff schemes to understand the willingness of consumers to alter their consumption behaviour under hypothetical scenarios of being exposed to altered tariffs at specific time periods.
  • A Human-Centric Energy Management and Control Decision Support by defining detailed and accurate comfort profiles, to serve as the basis for the subsequent definition of context-aware thermal demand flexibility profiles.
  • The provision of appropriate normative comparison mechanisms will be made available, supporting consumers to position themselves against peers, allowing to quantify own energy bill savings potential, through the utilisation of their energy consumption flexibility.
Layout of the "S5" App with creation of accurate comfort profiles

What Sets This Tool Apart

Layout of the "S5" App with visualisation of the consumption and annual heating bill

innovative aspects of the SPARCS Human-Centric Energy Management Application and its enriched behavioural-based visualisation framework, really sets it apart.

For instance, our visualisation application fits itself to the needs of the end users. Many available apps in the domain offer no customisation to the specific user characteristics, while in the SPARCS project, different features are taking into account the end user setup and perspective, offering personalised informative billing and notifications. At the same time, accurate comfort profiles are created based on data analytics performed on the available information provided by the end users.


On top of the energy related information (which is the typical information provided by similar apps) additional context and business-related information is visualised through the app. Through the utilisation of sensors, the presentation of conditions and related room, apartment and building information is visualised, to address the specific project features and relevant requirements. The SPARCS Human-Centric Energy Management Application is not envisioned as a pure energy management application, but rather as a holistic building management concept, providing customised information in a personalised way.

Utilising data analytics, a forecasting mechanism for the operator/producer of thermal energy in connection to the thermal energy production of the solar thermal system will be offered, facilitating energy cost reduction for both sides involved and also helping to minimise CO2 emissions due to clever consumption and to potential shift to periods of high CO2-friendly production.

Alternative dynamic tariff schemes can be produced based on the analysis of available data. These can then be potentially applied towards customers. Through the application, consumers will be (at specific time periods) surveyed with regards to their willingness to modify their consumption to indirectly test and validate the applicability and acceptance of such alternative dynamic tariff schemes. 

Potential End Users of Our Product

Residents / energy consumers: Apartment residents, that are willing to provide access to data captured via smart assets and sensors installed in their living quarters, expecting to receive via the Human-Centric Energy Management Application among others information about their energy patterns, recommendations to improve their habits towards reduced energy charges and comparisons of their energy performance with similar peers.

Building operators / energy producers: By acquiring data access to the building level smart assets and controllers and by combining this information with weather data, the application can offer to the operator / producer of thermal energy of the building, forecasts of the generation needs in order to adjust the thermal energy production/utilisation of the solar thermal system accordingly. Clever consumption, reducing unnecessary utilisation of energy and shifting to non-peak periods resultingly minimises CO2 emissions and improves air quality.

Layout of the "S5" App with comparison of consumption with similar peers
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