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Company: SKOOT

SKOOT is an App that connects your friends who drive with your friends who need help. It helps provide an alternative to public transport, taking the awkwardness out of giving lifts and splitting costs, off-setting your carbon automatically.

IOS download link

Download SKOOT app by just simply scanning our QR code

How does SKOOT work?

SKOOT is the 1st carbon negative navigation, lift and errands app. It connects friends who drive with friends who need help with lifts or errands.

Green navigation - You can use SKOOT's app for navigation and plant a tree for free for every journey taken as part of SKOOT's 1m tree challenge. You can view the number of trees planted by you and your friends on the leaderboard. 

Lifts - Take awkwardness out of getting paid driving your friends. Auto calculates fares. Split costs. Cashless collections. No chasing money. 

Errands - Organise, request and arrange errands or simple favours from friends for free or a £5 tip. Click and collect, prescriptions or collecting items. 

To start driving: Download SKOOT on either the AppStore or PlayStore > create an account (should take no longer than 2 minutes) > Go to Car Garage > Enter your car details > Scan your driving license > Voila… you’re all set to start driving!

SKOOT is completely carbon-negative by planting a tree for every rides now!

Who drives for SKOOT?





You don’t drive for SKOOT. 

You drive for your network of friends using SKOOT. 

When you create a Shared Drive you invite your friends to the lift!

SKOOT doesn’t have a fleet of drivers (we’re not a ‘huber’ expensive ride-hailing app). 



Errands connects friends that drive, with friends needing help

During Lockdown it became apparent that it was difficult to know how to ask for help, or a simple favour. So we built Errands to bring people together, whether it’s because you’re out of dog food, or need some shopping collecting.



Select the errand you need help with

You can ask a driver to collect an item such as shopping (click and collect) or a prescription


Add pick up and drop off locations

Add any helpful information as well as the pick up and drop off locations


Ask your driver(s)

Select from your network of drivers who you’d like to run the errand


Add a Tip

Choose how much you’d like to tip your driver for running the errand


How is SKOOT Carbon Negative?


Every trip that occurs on SKOOT is at least 110% carbon negative. This is done by planting 1 tree for every trip as part of SKOOT's 1 million tree challenge which offloads all of the carbon emitted on your journeys.

So when you use SKOOT, you’re not only helping out your friends, you’re also helping out the planet.#Win-Win

We’ve partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects who plant all of our trees for us. 

We absolutely love them because not only do they plant trees, they build sustainable communities too. Eden creates jobs in these locations which helps to boost their economies. Creating a cycle of sustainability both to our environment and to their society. 

Partnership with Eden Reforestation Project
It was important to us that our partner provide a fair wage employment
Eden plants trees in 8 countries and have planted 583M trees across 232 planting sites

To date, SKOOT has planted 42,457 trees and we have big trees to plant many more. If you want to join us on our journey to creating cleaner, greener skies for all, download the SKOOT app and start driving carbon negatively today.

How do I start driving with SKOOT?

How does a Shared Drive work?

What if no one accepts my Shared Drive?

Very simple. Download SKOOT on either the AppStore or PlayStore > create an account (should take no longer than 2 minutes) > Go to Car Garage > Enter your car details > Scan your driving license > Voila… you’re all set to start driving

If you’re a Driver and are planning on going somewhere (to Uni, shops, gym etc), you let your mates know through SKOOT, and they can jump in with you. Everyone shares the cost equally on a Shared Drive so the Driver is repaid running costs of the journey. It’s a win-win! 

To go on a Shared Drive, click on the icon, enter the start location, destination, date and time and add your friends onto the journey. Make sure both of you have each other saved in contacts. They’ll receive a notification of the invite and will need to accept so you know who’s joining your Shared Drive. To begin Shared Drive a Driver and Riders should be at the same location, counting both parties jumping in the same car to start a Shared Drive. When you reach your Shared Drive destination, the Driver confirms the trip is complete and the funds will automatically get transferred to the driver. 

When creating a Shared Drive, you select the number of seats available and add friends within your network that you'd like to join. 

From there they have the option to either Accept or Decline the invite. Seeing as you are the driver, you have the ability to start the journey whenever you like.

If you are waiting for a response, we would recommend that you get in contact with your friend to confirm whether they are coming or not. 

From that point onwards, you can either add more friends to the trip (if necessary) or carry on and start your SKOOT journey!

Does being paid to give lifts mean SKOOT is a taxi service?

No, SKOOT is simply a platform connecting friends who need lifts or errands, with friends who are able to help, taking the friction and awkwardness out of something that is already being done.

As drivers on SKOOT can only recoup 45p per mile it means that it sits within HMRC guidelines as it’s not about making a profit, alongside ensuring that Drivers are not using SKOOT as a “business”, which would require a Taxi licence.

The App is totally free to download and there aren’t any hidden costs or charges. 

The only charges that exist are when a transaction has been agreed with all parties involved on either a Shared Drive or Errand. 


How much does a Shared Drive cost?

How does SKOOT guarantee Riders safety?

Is SKOOT Safe with COVID?

The price is determined by the driver, which can be selected to be 0, all the way up to 45p per mile (anymore would invalidate your insurance). We believe it should be up to you to determine how much you charge per journey, which is why we introduced this new feature. The price is set upfront, so no surprises.

Each passenger pays a one-off 5p carbon offset charge per ride to ensure every ride is carbon negative. But we have waived this cost currently.  

Remember, we plant trees with your carbon offsetting fee. Rider payment is taken at confirmation of accepting Shared Drive

The concept of SKOOT ensures that you are only connecting and travelling with people who you are friends with and trust, so we reduce the risk of “Stranger Danger” around digital hitch-hiking and the issues that other ride-hailing apps have had around drivers not being who they say they are.

You also have the ability to Accept or Decline the request, so if you are unsure of your safety – please do not feel like you have to do it.

Yes, but friends should only travel according to government travel guidelines. We strongly advise all of our customers to drive responsibly and within the rules, to maintain safety and limit the spread of the virus. 

Click here for the most up to date government travel guidelines.

We know that lots of Frontline and NHS workers currently are looking for alternatives to public transport and need to travel, so SKOOT offers a great alternative.

Due to Lockdown, we’ve made the decision to make our services completely free to use! No hidden costs and no extra payments.

Monetary transactions only occur when a fee is agreed between the passenger(s) and driver and the journey has been completed.


Our Story

In 2018 Greg (one of our co-founders) was unfortunately involved in a near fatal motorbike accident and during a period of forced rehabilitation his daughter went out and didn’t return till the early hours. Millie explained she spent the night being paid to drive friends from one party to the next  that all her friends were doing it.

Millie explained:-

• Taxi’s and ride hailing apps were too expensive
• car-pooling with strangers was too weird and that buses too infrequent.
• car insurance was so extravagant her friends would do anything to help recoup monies
• collecting money was a nightmare
• no simple way to work out costs or automate payments

The pair spent the next few months exploring what Apps were available (short answer, none), insurance issues, HRMC, safety, planning rides, riding with strangers, costs etc. — Slowly the idea of SKOOT was born.

Along that journey Greg re-contacted with Strings, someone he’d worked had a wealth of experience in marketing and PR.

The more they talked about what SKOOT, how big the problem was for young people around mobility, safety and cost, the more they realised how interesting and incredibly exciting it was and they embarked on a journey together to build and launch SKOOT.

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