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Magway - Delivering good(s)

Company: Magway

A world-changing, zero-emission delivery system that combines proven technology with leading edge innovation.

The Challenge

Remember the last time you ordered birthday gifts online and they did not arrive in time, they did not arrive at all or their delivery was simply not ideal?

You're not alone. The idea for Magway stems from the founders' own frustrations with deliveries.



The explosive growth in online shopping has outpaced the development of delivery methods. A change is urgently needed to address the negative environmental impact of the ever-increasing volume of goods vehicles.

But hasn't Covid-19 made it worse?

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted the importance and vulnerability of UK supply chains. A Magway network could provide significantly enhanced resilience and connectivity for the provision of goods and medicines to individuals across the UK and beyond.



Read on to learn more about the revolution for business & logistics.

Magway carriage & tracks

Our Solution:

Cleaner - Safer - Smarter - Faster

The Magway delivery system

Magway is a revolutionary e-commerce delivery system that improves air quality and congestion by removing a significant number of parcels and the delivery vans that carry them from the roads.


Further, it represents a significant improvement over the current state of the art of road transport. As it is entirely automated and powered by electricity, it is expected that Magway could reduce staff-related operating and fuel costs.


It produces significantly fewer emissions in comparison to other freight transportation modes and can exploit renewable energy sources. It also accommodates small loads which could minimize delays in loading/unloading trucks, allowing faster delivery times.


As it is not a road-based system, Magway is not affected by congestion, safety, accidents, and weather. This could enhance the reliability of freight transportation.

Revolutionising business & logistics

Online Retail


  • More reliable link between customer fulfilment centres (CFCs) and last-mile consolidation centres
  • Faster than trucks through urban environments
  • 70%+ Savings on trunking costs
  • No driver limitations
  • Expanded & efficient delivery options
  • Improved predictability & customer service
  • A secure delivery method
  • All-weather solution
  • Design enables orders to be tracked accurately as they progress through the system
  • Reduction in packaging
  • Feeds into corporate social responsibility
  • Time and cost savings on loading and unloading

Public sector

The UK is the fourth most congested developed country in the world. The cost to the UK, in 2016 was £30.8bn. On top of this road maintenance costs amount to over £2bn pa, which excludes an additional £12bn required for existing local road repairs. The overall impact of HGVs on the road network amounts to in excess of £17bn pa, with less than a third paid for through taxes.Magway will reduce the reliance on HGV/LGVs in the future and will substantially improve the traffic burden on roads. It can address the entire home grocery market and 90% of parcels distributed from customer fulfilment centres.



  • Capable of fulfilling 90% of parcels distributed by CFCs
  • 70%+ Savings compared to road network
  • No driver limitations
  • Design enables tracking of parcels along the route
  • Highly configurable throughput
  • Secure delivery method
  • All-weather solution
  • Built around reliable and efficient technology
  • Sustainable design in-line with government policy
  • Enables multi-modal final mile delivery options including electric and autonomous vehicles, drones, courier and click & collect


Allows for more efficient use of logistics space and enables vertical warehousing.

Magway can operate at full speed 24/7 in all weathers, bringing your clients location effectively closer to their customers, faster, more reliably and efficiently. It runs in an enclosed tube and therefore also offers a secure service for your tenants.

Magway has been optimised to accommodate online grocery deliveries and in excess of 90% of online general merchandise deliveries to consumers. Our linear motor technology enables our vehicles to climb steep gradients. Goods can easily on-board onto our system from multiple stories without the need for building expensive and space-intensive multi-story loading bays and ramps. This lets you use more space that would be dedicated for logistics for other purposes and to build more efficient vertical warehousing.

How it works

Primary winding with integrated rail support The primary windings are segmented to reduce the cost of the track and further optimised for high-volume manufacturing.
Motion control power electronic drives.
Permanent-magnet array with carbon fibre backing.

Linear motors & drives

The propulsion system employs linear synchronous motors (LSMs).
The LSMs for Magway are a bespoke design to meet the unique performance requirements of the system. 

The benefits of using LSMs for the Magway system are:

  • Removes the "engine" and fuel storage from the vehicles and replaces these with an intelligent propulsion track that is shared by the vehicles
  • Lightweight vehicles 
  • Small track footprint
  • Capture and reuse of energy

Mechanically, linear motors are extremely reliable, having no moving parts in the drivetrain, they require limited service and maintenance. The durability of linear motors is evidenced by Force Engineering’s linear motors operating reliably for over 30 years in amusement park rides without ever needing to be replaced.

Magway tracks


A robust and balanced mechanical design which allows for:

  • ​tight radius of curvature (less than 5 m for low speed sections and 18 m for high-speed sections);
  • the airgap between the primary windings and magnet arrays to be maintained within tolerance; and
  • multiple track switching options

Capacity & Speed

Magway carriages have a headway of 50 milliseconds, equating to 72,000 carriages per hour (12 million deliveries per week) through each pipe in both directions.

Magway is optimised to travel at a speed of 15 m/s (31 mph or 54 km/h). 

Magway carriage

Our Values

Zero emissions, infinite potential

We’re making way for a smarter world.  How?  By cutting congestion, combatting CO2 and tackling pollution head on.

Sustainable, ultra fast, completely trackable, super secure, Magway is giving you what you want, when you want it, timing deliveries down to the very second.


We are the innovation. By pursuing innovative opportunities and challengeing assumptions  we are not just changing the game, we are changing the world. 


Sustainability runs through everything we do.  Our  world changing sustainable solution for goods delivery is addressing the challenge of air pollution head on. 

Care & Respect

We show care and respect for all people and treat everyone equally. 


We value life and are unconditional about safety. Health and wellbeing at work and at home are of great importance.

Our Partners

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