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Fujitsu idea and innovation management platform

Company: Fujitsu

Develop, discuss, comment on and evaluate new ideas in a structured way through a collaborative innovation platform. Master the challenges of cities and municipalities together with citizens and innovative ideas.

Fujitsu supports public administration in idea and innovation management.

Whether expert, management or employee - everyone can contribute to new ideas based on their different levels of knowledge and interest. Together with our partner HYPE, we offer a holistic solution for generating new ideas. The Fujitsu consulting and training approach, together with the HYPE software platform, provides the ideal basis for developing and evaluating innovative ideas, concepts and trends in your organisation.


■ Create a culture of innovation in your organisation

■ Implement innovative and dynamic processes

■ Increase employee satisfaction through more opportunities for co-determination

■ Generate solution-oriented ideas quickly

■ Improve your image as a digital and innovative administration



Use cases


Your advantages


Advantages of tool-based idea and innovation management

 Clear innovation focus: The ideas are focused on a concrete business goal or challenge. In addition, flexible processes and workflows of the innovation platform make individual adaptation to specific public sector operating environments possible.

■ Higher quality of ideas: Through a large number of ideas, as well as their further development through active teamwork with discussion, higher quality ideas can be generated than through classic idea and suggestion tools.

 Increased motivation: The involvement of employees made possible by public administration increases satisfaction and thus also the motivation to actively contribute.

■ Simple implementation: The clearly formulated question and the previously defined need for ideas increase the participation rate.

Advantages of our platform

All advantages combined on FIIP: Find all advantages of tool-based idea and innovation management bundled on our platform.

■ Easy participation: Thanks to an appealing user interface, the tool is intuitive to use. Thus, the use of the tool is usually possible without training. If required, training participants on how to enter and discuss ideas is of course possible.

The choice is yours: the platform is available as a cloud or on-premise solution. Hosting takes place in Germany.

Benefit from experience: We provide you with experienced and trained consultants who connect you with the best support by using best practices.

Accessibility: FIIP offers a view mode with a high contrast, so that people with a visual impairment can also use the platform.



Public administration has to master a variety of challenges. How can it meet the growing demands of digitalisation and the needs of employees and citizens? One key lies in the targeted development of the potential of the involved stakeholders. With the Fujitsu Idea and Innovation Management Platform in combination with versatile workshop formats, we support you in generating creative ideas, developing them further and finally turning them into concepts. Our speakers will introduce you to the various possibilities and provide insights into the following topics:

■ Fujitsu Innovation-as-a-Service approach

■ Opportunities for citizen participation

■ Digital transformation workshop experience report

Click here to access the free webinar.

Our offer for you

Explore the potential of the collaborative innovation platform and experience how you can actively shape the future of public administration. We would be happy to help you find ideas in a structured way and support you today with the challenges of tomorrow. Contact us:

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