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Birdly®: Full-body virtual reality platform

Company: Somniacs/Birdly

Birdly® is the world’s most intuitive human- machine interface. It is designed to let human consciousness dive into a multiverse of realities.

Introducing Birdly®


The result of Birdly’s® precise sensory-motor coupling – including headwind simulation, 3D audio and visual impact - is simply a breathtaking experience. Via head-mounted display you are interacting with a high-resolution virtual reality landscape full of entertaining surprises. Enjoy social VR sessions with your family and friends using the Birdly® multiplayer function. 

Birdly® is a unique full-body virtual reality platform guaranteeing 100% immersion.

The Birdly Experience

Birdly is a fully immersive VR experience where visitors fly freely and make their own decisions about what they want to do and see. 

• Simple startup and operation – minimal staffing required. 

• Easy to clean and always socially distanced. 

• Interactive experience that gets spectators involved and excited to fly. 

• Multi-player options available.

Birdly®: Making the world accessible for anyone

Unlike most other location-based platforms Birdly® takes up very little space on the one hand but allows its users to move freely through all the different worlds.

The powerful interplay of both highly-sophisticated hard- and software puts you in control of the storyline and allows you to intuitively explore different environments. Birdly® takes you to exotic destinations and fantastic imaginary worlds while stimulating all your senses and leaving a lasting impression that makes you want more. Follow and awaken your dreams with Birdly®

Imagine a world where one can instantly travel to the most sought-after destinations

Our virtual experiences allow for people to fly through prime destinations like New York, Singapore, Milano, Paris, to name a few, and really feel like they were there. 

A bird's-eye view over the worlds great cities and monuments? 

A pterosaurs-eye view of a Jurassic landscape? 

A turtle’s-eye view through the Great Barrier Reef and its transformation due to mankind’s carelessness? 

With Birdly® you can experience all that

Ulm from a bird's-eye view (watch video to your right)

Birdly® VR | Virtual Reality Birdly Flight Simulator

Birdly® for Tourism

Birdly for tourism allows you to show your visitors a completely new perspective on your city as they soar and dive through the skyline on the wings of a bird. This unique VR adventure extends and enhances your visitor experience and ensures you make a lasting impression.

A New Way to Explore 

• Tourism is different now, and may change significantly in the future, as visitors are looking for new and exciting opportunities and ways to securely see the world. Birdly offers the opportunity for you to glide along with that change. 

• Show off the best of your region with a unique, flight experience. Users fly freely throughout your city but can be guided to important points of interest. They can uncover the city’s secrets and find treasures to be redeemed in the real world. 

• Birdly is the ultimate immersive virtual reality experience that gives visitors an aerial view or your city before setting foot on the ground.

Highlight Your City or Region

Birdly combines fully immersive VR simulator technology with custom, tourist - focused experiences that highlight the best your city has to offer. 

• Emphasized points of interest that draw visitors to key locations and teach them the story of your city. 

• In -experience partnership opportunities to show off your city’s most famous attractions and allow them to draw more visitors. 

• Seasonally updateable to include important festivals and holidays.

On-site and Abroad

Birdly can be used in multiple ways to bring more tourists to your region and to enhance their overall experience. Some of the best locations for Birdly are:

 • On-site at tourist information offices 

• At tourist sites and observation decks 

• In airports and transit hubs 

• To advertise at shows and events worldwide

Branding and Sponsorship

Birdly provides numerous partnership opportunities to bring in local sponsors or highlight upcoming events. 

• Full branding packages can easily be added to your city experience, including intro/outro branding, billboards and other signage, or animated, branded micro - experiences. 

• Partner with museums, stores, or other tourist destinations to add revenue generating opportunities and increase foot traffic.

 • Hardware and installation branding also available.

Spectacular First Person VR Experience

VR Content

We specialize in signature experiences and offer branded entertainment. Our award-winning content promotes creativity and curiosity while stimulating all the users’ senses. All content is based on real imagery and rendered in real time. Birdly® is currently one of the most renowned location-based entertainment platforms and can be found in a wide variety of venues around the world, including museums, aquaria, touristic hotspots and VR arcades. With its diverse content catalogue, it puts young and old at the centre of beautifully crafted cinematic worlds with highly engaging storylines. In addition, Birdly® is an attractive platform for third-party content providers.


With content such as Jurassic Flight or Oceans We R, we promote knowledge and create awareness by placing the user at the centre of past or difficult to reach ecosystems.

Birdly® V2 Serial Edition Specifications 

The Birdly® Serial Edition is a user-friendly, low-maintenance, and reliable commercial VR package, incorporating Swiss precision design and engineering. The unit integrates all technical components, from simulation actuators and sensors to high-performance PCUs, into a compact and elegant metal chassis – all MADE IN SWITZERLAND

® Birdly V2 Serial Edition

Included Components and Services

Birdly® V2 Serial Edition  / Operator Remote Control / Several Virtual Experiences Software Packs /  12 mo On-Site Warranty /  12 mo Off-Site Warranty /  Initial Set-up and installation / Training of staff and first Maintenance /  Flight Case for transportation of the Birdly® /  Expenses for Travel and Accommodation for technical staff* / HMD Tracker stand


Screen Stand 7  Stairway to Birdly® / Extended On-Site Warranty for one or two years 

Not included 

Head mounted Display (HMD) / Television screen / Shipping costs /  VAT and other taxes, if applicable 

Lead Time 

8-12 weeks 


Floor Space Dimensions 3m x 3m / Supply Voltage 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz / Power Consumption 1.5kVA 

*for initial set-up, installation and training of staf

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