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Thinkz: Helping Smart Cities to Stand Out by Creating a ​REAL-TIME Presence

Company: Thinkz

The Internet of Things is everywhere! Because raw IoT data has no practical value, Thinkz is building a network of real-time IoTs data, to provide instantly accurate verified information to all vehicles, apps, and autonomous machines.

Meet Thinkz: The power of real-time information

Transforming IoTs data into real-time intelligent information

Thinkz transforms multi-source data into comprehensive, real-time, and easily accessible information, helping cities to improve the overall management of the city's resources.

Using a revolutionary AI-based Live Data Verification (*patent-pending) technology, Thinkz is capable of collecting GDPR-compliant data from all types of IoT devices,  verify it, and display it with an advanced UI, multi-layered map.

Positioning the city at the forefront of the digital revolution and services.

Connecting the World of Things

The IoT world is full of smart objects broadcasting their data but in reality, they are isolated due to Cyber Protection and Privacy issues.

What if the scattered IoT devices could really share real-time sought-after information with residents, businesses, and visitors to the city?

As Thinkz, we maximise the power of IoTs in smart cities to serve a better urban experience.

Collaborating IoTs offer limitless urban improvement options

Thinkz is dedicated to making smart cities more livable. We’ve built a global data network that eliminates barriers between IoTs and enables efficient use of a city’s assets. Data about commute times, train arrivals, congestion, safe zones, and pollution is only useful if it can be organized and filtered to create actionable information. Thinkz has created best-in-class solutions to solve the endless challenges your smart city faces. 

By enabling all IoT devices to collaborate with each other, we provide a complete, real-time, intelligence-verified view of all available solutions in urban and enterprise environments.

Our data network eliminates IoT obstacles and empowers autonomous interconnectivity and data seeking. That means IoTs can gain information from all players in the IoT space, share information with one another, form their own networks, and become self-acting - leading to better problem-solving.

  • Visitors: Making travel to your smart city a seamless experience for visitors.
  • Citizens: Streamline the everyday urban life Satisfaction, trust in the authorities, feeling of personal security, convenience and quality of life.
  • Business Owners: Empower local entrepreneurs, positioning them for expansion.
  • Municipalities: Improved relationships with citizens and local businesses, providing better services, positioning your city at the forefront of the digital revolution.
Eliminating IoT obstacles and empowering autonomous interconnectivity and data seeking

Meet LDV Technology: Live Data Verification

Live Data Verification (LDV)

To ensure that the real-time information your citizen's access is constantly verified, we apply our innovative, patent-pending layer of technology, Live Data Verification (LDV), which utilizes AI to authenticate all incoming information.

What's unique about Thinkz is LDV Live Data Verification, a patent-pending contribution, which allows a third party to access the data without being exposed to the source of the data. LDV is GDPR compliant, provides the highest level of privacy and cybersecurity protection, and detects fake incoming information.

Endless Use Cases: Real-time data for better urban living

Where Thinkz connects IoTs with people, new possibilities and dimensions of data networking open up. Different types of IoTs with different owners will be able to communicate with each other to to improve the human experience in smart cities.

  • Government/ Municipalities: improving the citizens’ quality of life and trustful attitude through better service and transparencyck to start writing.
  • Automotive: enabling a smooth commute experience by cutting down on things that would frustrate the drivers or put their lives in danger.
  • Environment Impact: saving the environment by monitoring its daily changes.
  • Security Notifications: notifying thefts and criminal incidents to neighbors and law enforcement.
  • Personal Safety: creating safer communities and gain the trust of the neighborhood due to malfunction alerts on construction sites, public transport, factories, etc
  • Public Safety: alarms and notifications from the military, police and rescue forces to the whole population and back.
  • Service Outage Prompt: notifications about electricity, water, communication outages.
  • Resource Availability: improving the utilization of the city resources (car charging stations, parking lots, personal transportation rent) by knowing their occupancy ahead of time.
Patent-pending layer of technology
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