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About us

Project Duration: 4 Years

CISMOB main vision is to promote innovative ways to reduce carbon footprint and increase the sustainability of urban areas by improving the efficiency in the use of urban transport infrastructure through ICT.

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Use Cases



Real-Time Crowding Information – Positive Impacts on the Metro

Testing a real-time crowding information system, giving metro passengers the chance to make an informed decision about which metro trains to take.




Solar Powered E-Paper Technology Screens for Real-Time Public Transport Information

Solar power technology was combined with E-paper screens to provide real-time information about public transport in Coimbra.



Trafiklab - Together we Create the Future of Public Transport

Trafiklab gathers, in a single open data platform, information about transport in Sweden and makes Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) available to everyone, so that users can develop and share smartphone apps.

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