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About us

Founding Year: 2019   |   Location: Belgrade, Serbia   |   Relevant Sectors: Energy , ICT

TRAKEN is a data tracking, management and exploitation tool for smart electrical grids, that provides a distributed ledger to manage metering records, track physical objects and transfer value without a third party or manual reconciliation.

Smart City/Region Status: Prosumers are the new dynamic variable in an evolving electricity grid. The potential lies in the fact that distributed ledger technologies (DLT) can redefine digital trust and remove intermediaries forming a new paradigm of management that can potentially disrupt traditional forms of governance. Load flexibility will "get smarter" and then "get bigger," residential customers will lead growth with new access to smart devices. TRAKEN is creating an agile and flexible system that could acknowledge the electricity as a liquid digital asset circulating in the environment of known participants.

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