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About us

Espoo is the second largest city in Finland, and an integral part of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Espoo is a network city of five city centres. As the most sustainable city in Europe, Espoo is a frontrunner in smart city development.

Smart City Status: Espoo is building a sustainable future through mobility, construction and energy solutions, by offering teaching and education supporting a sustainable lifestyle, by providing culture, sports and social and healthcare services enhancing wellbeing and by maintaining nearby nature and green areas.

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Use Cases


Behaviour Change through Mobile Probing with Citizens

Mobile probing enables studying citizens (mobility) behaviours in an interactive manner through their own eyes in real-time. This understanding builds a base for designing for successful behavioural change.



Creating Positive Energy Districts with a Co-Creation Model

The co-creation model aims to enable cities, together with companies and other actors, to develop sustainable and smart districts of the future. It also aims to improve the transparency of the city planning process over its life span and increase communication between stakeholders.



Connecting Elevators and Escalators to Smart Building Energy

Elevators and escalators communicate with the smart building energy management system in order to limit the peak power visible to the external electricity grid.


RES (Renewable Energy Solution) Integration

RES Integration aims to make the Lippulaiva in Espoo an energy positive district, through electricity and thermal energy systems.


Energy Storage

Thermal energy is stored in the ground (boreholes), in which excess thermal energy will be returned to and stored in the ground. Electric battery in Lippulaiva is used to optimize electricity usage and participating in electricity reserve markets.


Smart Energy Management

This use case aims to utilise predictive modelling and forecasting models to optimise energy sources.


Active Participation for Electricity Markets

Active Participation for Electricity Markets promotes producing own energy by optimizing electricity usage and taking actions in relevant reserve markets.


Engaging Youth: Buddy Class

Buddy Class is an interactive educational tool to engage local youth in the development of their own neighborhoods, in particular for energy systems and mobility.


Enabling E-bicycling through infrastructure

Enabling E-Bicycling is an innovative way to encourage sustainable mobility by charging and repairing bikes for free.


Smart Pole Network as a Digital Backbone for a Smart City

This pilot project in Espoo provides high-capacity connectivity in the district of Kera to test an urban smart city network.


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