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Urban Shark Tank

Igniting Innovation for Replication in Smart & Climate-Neutral Cities  

‘Urban Shark Tank’ is a unique and engaging session designed by BABLE Smart Cities, where a distinguished panel of urban innovation experts from cities, known as 'Sharks,' evaluate and provide feedback on innovative and sustainable projects from companies, known as 'Fish'. 

This event is designed for urban city professionals and enthusiasts who are keen to discover scalable and impactful solutions in the realm of urban innovation or other verticals. 

Urban Shark Tank is more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of innovation, a forum for collaboration and a catalyst for actionable partnerships. With each session, we aim to foster a vibrant ecosystem of innovation, empowering cities and companies to co-create the sustainable urban future we all strive for. 


Upcoming Editions 

Dive into the next wave of urban innovation with our upcoming Urban Shark Tank sessions. Each edition offers a new opportunity to spotlight solutions, foster dialogues and catalyse partnerships: 


Each session page provides detailed information and includes a form designed for companies to apply and participate. Don't miss your chance to be part of this urban transformation! 

Join the Urban Shark Tank by BABLE Smart Cities and contribute to the dialogue, innovation and action shaping the smart cities of tomorrow! 


Have Look at our Previous Editions: 

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