Event date
27.07.2023 11:00 - 27.07.2023 12:00

"Back to the future: How smart cities will change our lives".

At BABLE, one event follows the next. Urban Future 23 and Between Smart & Green, and now another exciting online seminar.

This time, too, we have exciting topics and speakers for you.

Our now long-time partner Digitalstadt Darmstadt, in persons of Simone Schlosser together with @Christopher Voß, will host a one-hour and free online seminar* on July 27, 2023 at 11:00 am with @Pierre A. Filohn, our head of global organizational development at BABLE Smart Cities.

Exciting content here will be how can we accelerate innovation and thereby also have a positive impact on the sustainable transformation of our cities, planning and society.The introductory seminar will cover topics such as future infrastructure connectivity and explore opportunities such as intelligent transport and data analytics and management. We talk about areas such as sustainable energy, smart buildings and digital platforms. In addition, project examples will show how this can look in practice to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement by 2050. These topics and a few more are waiting for you.

Take away valuable tips and ideas for your own community and feel free to register now so as not to miss this exciting content. We look forward to seeing you.

*The online seminar appeals to every level of knowledge. Beginners will find a great introduction and advanced learners will be able to expand their knowledge.

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