City of Zagreb, Croatia

Market Fact

Since adopting the Zagreb Smart City Framework Strategy, the city has approved 94 projects, with 49 in progress, 7 planned, and 38 completed. This strategy, guiding the city until 2030, aims to enhance living standards, boost a knowledge and innovation-driven economy, expand digital infrastructure, utilize ICT for progress, and efficiently use natural resources for climate change adaptation.

  • Location: City of Zagreb

Digital Infrastructure:

  • Launch of Zagreb Smart City Hub (2022) with a comprehensive view of smart city projects.
  • Development of a multidimensional infrastructure cadastre, including detailed imagery of above and below-ground infrastructures.
  • Expansion of broadband and 5G networks, focusing on ultra-fast fibre-optic access.

Transparent and Intelligent Administration:

  • Ensuring interoperability of urban e-services at local, national, and EU levels.
  • Introduction of the Open Budget Project for transparent financial asset management.

Smart Energy and Utility Management:

  • Integration of smart grids for electricity, lighting, water, gas, and heating.
  • Incorporation of renewable energy sources and optimizing management of buildings for energy efficiency.


  • Implementing smart technologies and solutions in all primary and secondary schools.


  • Establishment of a municipal platform (Living Lab) for testing innovative solutions and fostering creative spaces.

Sustainable Urban Mobility:

  • Enhancing traffic management systems and promoting electromobility systems.

Key Statistics :

  • 94 total projects approved under the strategy.
  • 49 projects currently being implemented.
  • 7 projects planned for future implementation.
  • 38 projects successfully completed.

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