A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) is a strategic document that outlines a municipality's strategy for improving its transportation system and promoting sustainable mobility. SUMPs typically include a baseline assessment of the current transportation system, a set of goals and objectives for improving the system, and a range of actions and measures aimed at achieving those goals. These actions and measures can include a combination of infrastructure improvements, policy changes, and awareness-raising activities, and can cover different modes of transportation such as walking, cycling, public transport, and private vehicles.

SUMPs are designed to address a wide range of issues related to urban mobility, such as reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality, increasing accessibility for all users, promoting active and healthy lifestyles, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They are often developed in consultation with stakeholders, such as residents, business owners, and public transport operators, to ensure that the plan reflects the needs and priorities of the community.

It's important to note that developing and submitting a SUMP is often a precondition to access public funding from the European Union and national governments for transportation infrastructure and other sustainable mobility projects. SUMPs have evolved as a tool for cities to tackle the challenges of urban mobility, it was introduced by the European Union in 2013 as a way to support the implementation of the EU's Transport White Paper and the Urban Mobility Package. Since then, the SUMP concept has been adopted by many cities around Europe and the world, and it has become an essential tool for urban mobility planning and implementation, as well as a requirement for accessing public funding for sustainable mobility projects.

CIVITAS (CIVitas Initiative for sustainable Urban Transport) is a European Union-funded program that promotes and (co-)finances sustainable urban mobility and the implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

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