Vilnius, Lithuania

Market Fact

Summary: Vilnius, Lithuania, has been designated the European Green Capital for 2025 by the European Commission. Additionally, Viladecans, Spain, and Treviso, Italy, both received the European Green Leaf 2025 awards for smaller cities. The awards were announced in Tallinn, Estonia (European Green Capital for 2023), with a strong emphasis on the need for greener cities in light of increasing climate challenges.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Prize Allocations:

  • Vilnius: €600,000
  • Viladecans and Treviso: €200,000 each

Why Vilnius? Vilnius excelled in key indicators like air and water quality, waste management, biodiversity, and climate action. The city's practical approach and clear vision were praised, with achievements in emissions reduction, renewable energy use, and innovative citizen engagement.
​​​​​​​Green Leaf Cities: Viladecans, Spain, promotes behavior change and inclusive decision-making, making notable progress in renewable energy. Treviso, Italy, excels in communication, engaging youth through gamification and proposing ambitious green initiatives.

Original link/source of information: cities-today.com/vilnius-named-european-green-capital-for-2025/ (published 09 October 2023).