Kapsch TrafficCom drives progress towards sustainable mobility with its smart urban traffic concepts.

Vienna is tackling congestion and emissions through an innovative 'green wave' solution developed by Kapsch TrafficCom. In a pilot program, drivers can use a mobile app to synchronize their speed with traffic signals, minimizing stops and reducing overall journey times. The service, soon to integrate with navigation providers, aims to enhance biking comfort in the city as well. Vienna has already experienced benefits such as reduced stop-start driving and faster commute times. While improvements in emissions and air quality are more challenging to quantify, they are expected outcomes. This green wave initiative is just the beginning of Vienna's Traffic and Demand Management strategy, with future plans including "Traffic Management 2.0," incorporating networked traffic lights and green navigation. The long-term vision involves integrating these functions directly into vehicles, preparing the city for innovations like autonomous driving.

Unlocking Urban Efficiency: Why Partnering with Kapsch TrafficCom is Key for Tailored Congestion and Emissions Solutions

Kapsch TrafficCom offers comprehensive solutions for cities at various emissions management stages. From real-time traffic awareness infrastructure to advanced 'mobility pricing,' Kapsch provides broad capabilities in consultancy and technology. The company ensures a seamless process, offering expertise in digital traffic technologies, influencing driver behavior, and delivering end-to-end traffic management solutions with a single point of contact.​​​​​​​