Valencia, Spain

Main issues must be clearly stated

The European Union has selected Valencia as a partner city of the EU FEEL project. This is an initiative aimed at studying the development and implementation of formulas to reduce energy consumption, applying community cooperation and low-tech measures.

The Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation will manage a budget of 200,000 euros through which it will implement the Interreg FEEL project that will allow the exchange of experiences with seven other European regions and cities on energy transition and policies based on cooperation and energy sufficiency.


  • Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain
  • Lorient, France
  • Bistrita, Romania
  • Frederikshavn, Denmark
  • Liguria Region, Italy
  • Cork, Ireland
  • Mazovia, Poland
  • Northern Swabian Energy Agency

Main facts/points outlined in body of text

  • The Valencia Climate and Energy Foundation aims to support existing projects related to frugal cities, energy sobriety and Low-Tech communities, starting in its first phase by identifying actors and good practices in Valencia that can serve for the exchange of experiences with other territories and possible pioneering projects.
  • The Interreg FEEL project aims to test and develop the 'frugal city' approach in the eight selected European cities and regions, by applying the principles of sufficiency, with the objective of reducing energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The FEEL project aims to explore the options offered by frugality, understood as the quality of acting prudently and economically in the use of energy resources, as well as optimizing their use.
  • Ultra-simple low-tech solutions contribute to guaranteeing people's needs, such as the development of bioclimatic construction. In this example, nature-based solutions are applied to replace the usual mechanical ventilation, cooling or heating systems, which consume more energy and have higher production costs.