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Unlock the secrets to transforming your B2G sales cycle with our groundbreaking insights. Discover how we dramatically reduced our sales cycle from over 6 months to just 8 weeks, and learn the strategies that can empower your business to achieve similar success. This article dives into a wealth of knowledge that blends real-world experience with actionable tips, tailored for innovators seeking to penetrate the public sector market swiftly and effectively. 

Join us in navigating the unique challenges of B2G sales and unlock your company's potential today!


“As you ended up here, we likely share a professional interest trying to bring innovation into the public sector, especially at the local level, faster. Personally, I have been doing this for almost 15 years in several roles while handling all forms of taxpayer-financed activities: research grants, a public investment fund for charging infrastructure, building up what was essentially an EU subsidiary, and then selling services with my own company. The one thing you learn quickly is that the B2G market works completely differently than B2B or B2C markets and many of the mantras and processes simply do not work. Failing more times than I can count, we managed to find a way to reduce sales cycles to 8 weeks – and now I would like to share with you elements on how you might achieve something similar.” 

- Alexander Schmidt, Founder and CEO of BABLE Smart Cities

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