United Kingdom

The United Kingdom and Germany have formed a significant partnership to promote international hydrogen fuel trade while advancing their energy security and carbon neutrality objectives.

Both countries aim to accelerate the use of low-carbon hydrogen in their energy mix, a move seen as crucial for reducing emissions in hard-to-decarbonize sectors and as an alternative to natural gas.

The UK previously committed to doubling hydrogen production by 2030, with half of it coming from electrolysis. To support this, the UK government launched a £240 million fund for low-carbon hydrogen production. Germany plans to provide state aid for 2.5 GW of electrolysis projects in 2023 and allocate €700 million for hydrogen research. Their domestic goal is to achieve at least 10 GW of hydrogen production capacity by the end of the decade.

This partnership, along with advancements in hydrogen technology, aligns with both nations' cleaner transportation goals and contributes to a greener, more secure energy future.

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