Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is gearing up to invest approximately €300 million in acquiring new Luas trams, initiating a preliminary market consultation as part of their expansion and modernization strategy for the Luas network. Currently, the Dublin-based network spans 44 kilometers and is served by 81 Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs), but it's in need of an upgrade.

The oldest batch of LRVs, in service for two decades, is approaching the end of its operational life, prompting TII to explore significant improvements. In their consultation notice, TII revealed that Dublin's Luas network is on the cusp of further expansion, necessitating additional LRVs. Additionally, TII is in the planning phase for a new light rail network in Cork. This forward-looking investment aims to enhance the quality of the Luas service and secure its place as a vital component of Ireland's public transportation network. Interested parties have until October 5th to provide feedback on the proposal.