The emblematic city of Seville, with its rich cultural heritage and historic streets, has been designated as the European Capital of Smart Tourism in 2023. And in this framework, the Seville City Office will host an event that looks to the future: the CIVINET Iberia meeting.

Moreover, there is a special reason to celebrate this meeting next October 3 in Seville. From October 4 to 6, the city will host the Urban Mobility Days, organized by CIVITAS, the flagship program of the European Commission. As CIVINET Iberia is an integral part of the CIVITAS regional network, this calendar allows attendees the perfect opportunity to combine and enrich both events.

What are the challenges facing mobility in our cities? How can sustainable mobility improve the tourist experience? These and many other questions will be the focus of discussion at this momentous event.

Featured topics:

  • The impact of urban mobility on the tourism experience. As the world changes, tourism cannot be left behind. Mobility plays a fundamental role in how visitors experience a city.
  • On-demandtransportation: More than a trend, a necessity. We will analyze how this transportation model can offer efficient, sustainable and adapted solutions to the changing needs of citizens and tourists.
  • Shared mobility: The solution to reduce private vehicles on our streets. A vision in which sharing is more than an act, it is a philosophy to transform the way we move.
  • Strategies to influence transportation choices. Because driving change is not only about offering alternatives, but also about encouraging their use and adapting to people's needs.

This meeting promises to be a space for reflection, exchange and innovative proposals. The Ambassadors of CIVINET Iberia will gather in Seville, ready to discuss, learn and establish guidelines for a smarter, more efficient and sustainable urban mobility.

We are waiting for you in Seville! Let's join forces, visions and passions to ensure a future where our cities breathe cleaner air, where commuting is a pleasant experience and where sustainability is not an option, but the only option.