In Tokat, a smart city transformation is set to unfold, reflecting a modern urban approach that emphasizes zero waste practices and preserves neighborhood culture. This transformation is in accordance with the '2024-2030 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan', positioning the region at the forefront of advanced technology and sustainability.

  • Location: Tokat, Türkiye
  1. Main Facts/Points:
    - The '2024-2030 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan,' drafted by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change, paves the way for Tokat's smart city transformation.
    - Tokat aims to be a pioneer city in the vision of an advanced society, advanced technology, sustainability, and a resilient world.
    Key Statistics and Data:
    - The plan outlines key objectives, including the production and use of advanced technologies, alignment with national values, and the realization of smart city technologies through entirely national production.
    - Integration of the Zero Waste Project into smart city applications to establish eco-friendly and sustainable urban living in Tokat.
    Current Initiatives:
    - The city's transformation plan envisions Tokat as a resilient city, possessing horizontal architecture, preserving neighborhood culture, being zero waste compliant, and increasing green assets.
    - Following the 2020-2023 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan, the focus in the new era will be on advanced technologies and sustainable solutions.
    Implementation and Progress:
    - Workshops discussed 30 actions, 271 implementation steps, and new action proposals, focusing on improving citizens' lives while addressing urban challenges.
    - Tokat is set to progress in alignment with national policies, strategies, and the National Technology Move through this comprehensive action plan.
  2. The smart cities strategy not only aims to increase social awareness but also supports economic development, develops local and national smart city technologies, and provides innovative solutions to combat climate change. In this context, Tokat's planned initiatives include smart transportation applications, efforts to reduce accidents and traffic congestion, and the development of urban transportation analysis platforms.