The world's first and only moss farm is a magical place. We lift the curtain and show you our mosses.

There are about 20,000 species of moss all over the world, from the polar regions to the desert. Since we do not take the mosses from nature, of course, and we are constantly striving to find better moss species and mixtures for our purposes, we have built the world’s first and only vertical moss farm in Bestensee near Berlin. Here, mosses grow in the form of vertical moss mats on a good 1,200 square metres.

Want to take a look at our moss farm and learn more about the capabilities of our mosses?

Join us for the next virtual moss farm tour!
Our moss farmers will show you why mosses are unique and how they can be used against air pollution. Of course, there will be plenty of room for your questions.

We invite you to this magical place and show you our superhero and his home.

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