The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF Digital) programme is driving innovation with ten newly selected projects at the forefront of 5G implementation. These projects, with a combined budget of over €50 million, aim to usher in cutting-edge applications and contribute to the EU's Digital Decade targets. 

Projects overview:

  • 5GENIUS (Belgium): establishing a 5G network at the University College of Ghent to enhance high-speed connectivity for students, researchers, and businesses. Total EU contribution: €1,080,004.00.
  • 5G-TERRA (Greece): providing high-quality 5G connectivity to remote areas, enabling advanced healthcare services like remote medical support. Total EU contribution: €4,947,750.00.
  • 5G4LIVES (Latvia and Italy): leveraging 5G and innovative technologies, such as drones and hydrogen power, to enhance public safety and environmental health. Total EU contribution: €2,869,500.00.
  • Private 5G network O (Finland): implementing a secure 5G infrastructure for next-gen wireless healthcare solutions, enhancing surgical navigation and healthcare innovation. Total EU contribution: €1,553,802.00.
  • SmartPortPloce (Croatia): enhancing public services in the Port of Ploce Authority through a dedicated private 5G network for data processing and logistics optimization. Total EU contribution: €958,125.00.
  • 5G Healthcare (Portugal): advancing healthcare services with 5G connectivity, including emergency vehicle support and medical training via robotic systems. Total EU contribution: €2,486,500.50.
  • 5G.RURAL (Portugal): testing interoperable Smart Communities in rural areas with 5G interconnectivity, focusing on healthcare and education. Total EU contribution: €3,946,956.75.
  • 5GMHI (Sweden): utilizing 5G technology to improve emergency medical services, patient safety, and quality of care through drones and IoT devices. Total EU contribution: €6,377,587.50.
  • ED5GE (Sweden): deploying a 5G edge network infrastructure to support low-latency, reliable, and IoT-connected applications in Smart Communities. Total EU contribution: €3,077,730.00.
  • TUKE 5GSC (Slovakia): creating a private 5G network at TUKE university to develop smart logistics and energy metering use cases, stimulating wider 5G deployment in Europe. Total EU contribution: €1,247,947.50.

Source of information: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/news/5g-smart-communities-second-wave-projects-co-funded-under-cef-digital (Published 26 January 2024).