Santander, Spain

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The company Urbaser has relied on the technological solutions developed by the company MOVISAT for the sustainable and efficient management of the street cleaning and waste collection service of the Port of Santander.

As already happens in cities like Madrid, Fuenlabrada (Community of Madrid), Bormujos (Seville) or Las Torres de Cotillas (Region of Murcia), Urbaser is once again relying on MOVISAT 's solutions to meet the technological needs of the street cleaning and waste collection service.

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Puerto de Santander, Santander, Cantabria, Spain

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  • Since last February, MOVISAT has been in charge of implementing the EcoSAT vertical environmental platform and the electronic equipment necessary to sensor the fleet of vehicles and containers installed in the Port of Santander.
  • Through the EcoSAT platform, the activity carried out by the vehicles, machinery and operators involved in the service is planned, managed and controlled, obtaining automatic reports that measure the degree of compliance by comparing the work planned and the work actually carried out.
  • In addition, volumetric sensors installed in the most critical containers in the Port of Santander will make it possible to know how full they are in order to make waste collection more efficient.