Exciting news to kick off 2022:

At the end of the year 2021, the Task Force on Accelerating Innovation Uptake for Sustainable Transport officially launched! The Task Force is a collaborative effort between consortium members of seven different HORIZON 2020 Coordination and Support Actions Projects who have realised the importance of accelerating market uptake of sustainable and innovative solutions and decided to unify our efforts to advance progress.

The Task Force has been launched with primary goals to:

  • Raise awareness of project activities on advancing market uptakes of innovation in transport to a wide range of stakeholders including high-level policymakers;
  • Mobilise resources from projects and other initiatives to address key obstacles, thus facilitating market uptake of innovations; and
  • Create cross-project, cross-sectoral cooperation to maximise impacts of project activities and avoid duplication.

Four main workstreams are currently underway to address the main obstacles facing the implementation of innovative transport solutions:

  1. Matchmaking services between innovation suppliers and buyers
  2. Finance & De-risking
  3. Best practice sharing
  4. Capacity building and guideline development

The ENTRANCE project is pleased to be participating on the Task Force with contributing individual members and as a beneficiary of this collaborative effort.

Do you represent another EU project focused on innovation for sustainable transport? 

The Task Force is also welcoming other projects/organisations/initiatives to join! Download the announcement for full details here: https://lnkd.in/gmUsDnp7