Summary: the Urban Twin Transition Center (UTTC), launched at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona, is a strategic initiative aiming to assist Swedish cities in achieving climate neutrality. Financed by Vinnova with SEK 20 million over three years, UTTC will collaborate with the Viable Cities programme.

Key points:

  • UTTC will offer a crucial knowledge hub for validated solutions in the digital green transition, aiming to guide Swedish cities in making informed decisions towards climate neutrality.​​​​​​​
  • UTTC prioritises 23 cities in the Viable Cities programme, sharing open knowledge and aiding their climate contracts.
  • UTTC aims to identify, scale up, and implement practical solutions to fulfil the cities' climate contracts and support the 2030 Agenda.
  • in addition to The Swedish Internet Foundation, University of Gothenburg, and RISE, partners such as Vinnova, Viable Cities, TechSverige, and several regions and municipalities are involved.

Source of information: https://smartcitysweden.com/launching-urban-twin-transition-center-digitalisation-for-greener-cities/ (Published 08 November 2023).