London, United Kingdom

In a groundbreaking initiative, Electric boats navigating the River Thames in London will soon have the capability to charge and reduce emissions through a partnership between UK Power Networks and Net Zero Marine Services (NZMS). This collaboration introduces the UK's first high voltage (HV) shore power station above tidal waters, situated on a fixed tidal platform across a 7-meter tidal range. The project is funded by UK Power Networks' Green Recovery programme, supporting new low carbon electricity connections. UK Power Networks will provide 1.5MVA of energy to NZMS' battery storage facility, facilitating the charging of electric boats on the Thames.

Key Points:

  • Innovative Shore Power Station: The collaboration between UK Power Networks and NZMS establishes the UK's inaugural high voltage shore power station above tidal waters on the River Thames.

  • Green Recovery Programme: Funded by UK Power Networks' Green Recovery programme, this project aims to bolster low carbon electricity connections.

  • Infrastructure Development: NZMS, under the Green Recovery scheme, is creating five shore power locations in central London, forming a network of HV power infrastructure accessible to all Thames operators.

  • Emission Reduction Mission: The project is on a mission to displace diesel usage on the Thames by building infrastructure for operators to switch to zero-emission technologies, such as electric vessels.

  • Electrification of Boats: UK Power Networks, as part of the initiative, installed 1.8 kilometers of new cables and equipment to electrify boats along the Thames, leading to lower carbon emissions, reduced water contamination, and cleaner air for London.

  • Investment and Connectivity: With a £1.2 million investment, UK Power Networks enhanced the local electricity network for the connection, achieved a month ahead of schedule in June 2023, and set to be operational from the upcoming summer.

  • Green Recovery Programme Impact: UK Power Networks' £66 million investment across 85 sites, as part of the Green Recovery programme, accelerates low carbon energy projects in alignment with the Government's Ten Point Plan for Net Zero by 2050, supporting London Mayor Sadiq Khan's vision for Net Zero Carbon by 2030.